Why Atiku Might Not Work With Tinubu – PDP Chieftains

Some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains have opened up on the reason the presidential candidate of the party, Atiku Abubakar might not work with President Bola Tinubu.

The Secretary of the PDP in Yobe State, Ahmed Waziri, told The Whistler that the intention of Tinubu’s administration is still foggy and Atiku is observing the situation.

He said, “His (Atiku’s) support for Tinubu is not going to be possible. His mindset is to ensure that democracy survives in Nigeria and as things are now, we don’t know the exact intention of this government,” he said, adding that he’s with Atiku on ensuring survival of democracy.”

Another PDP chieftain in Adamawa State told the aforementioned publication that Atiku and many chieftains of the PDP have “little, little suspicions, reservations and fears that the APC wants to make Nigeria a one-party state.”

He said this has pushed the PDP presidential candidate to call recently for major opposition parties to come together so they can face the ruling party in the next round of elections.

He said, “My thinking is that as bad as it may be, unacceptable as it may be to the candidates,

“We all know that the ruling of the Supreme Court is the final ruling, the final judgment. You can’t take it beyond that.

“Should that be the case, then the only solution is for us to put our hands together and support the government of the day in whatever way.

“However, I may not blame the PDP presidential candidate in entirety for his inability to join hands to work with the government of the day. I expect that the government of the day will make efforts to invite him over and say, OK, let’s join hands.

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“I think the cycle of presidential election is over until the next cycle, we can, for the next few years, work together. So, I expect them to extend an invitation to him, to extend the hand of invitation.”

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