Who Went Home on The Amazing Race Season 35 Tonight? Who's Left this Season on The Amazing Race 35?

The Amazing Race Season 35 

The thirty-fifth season of The Amazing Race, an American reality competition series hosted by Phil Keoghan, features thirteen teams of two competing for a $1,000,000 prize. Spanning three continents and eight countries, the race covers over 23,800 miles.

Commencing in Los Angeles, the teams journeyed through diverse locations such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, and Ireland, concluding in Washington. While maintaining familiar elements like regular commercial flights, the Express Pass, and the U-Turn twist, this season introduced a new twist with a private and Blind U-Turn.

Notably, episodes are extended to 90 minutes each, departing from the usual format. Airing on CBS on Wednesday nights since September 27, 2023, The Amazing Race 35 promises a thrilling and dynamic competition for both participants and viewers alike.

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Who Went Home on The Amazing Race Season 35 Tonight?

In the latest episode of The Amazing Race Season 35, sisters Morgan and Lena Franklin were eliminated. Despite a season of highs and lows, including starting with an Express Pass, the duo faced challenges during a leg in Slovenia.

Self-driving issues proved to be their downfall, as they got lost and fell behind. Meanwhile, Greg and John Franklin continued their winning streak, securing first place for the third time in a row. Todd and Ashlie Martin, who led for much of the leg, finished closely behind in second place.

Rob and Corey McArthur claimed third place after tackling a demanding stair climb. On the flip side, Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson had a challenging day, encountering self-driving difficulties and mistakenly going for an already-taken Express Pass. Despite their setbacks, they narrowly avoided elimination, benefiting from Morgan and Lena’s navigational troubles.


The Amazing Race Season 35 Cast




Alexandra Lichtor

Siblings & Roommates

Chicago, Illinois

Sheridan Lichtor

Elizabeth Rivera

Mother & Daughter

Tampa, Florida

Iliana Rivera

Jocelyn Chao

Married Entrepreneurs

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Victor Limary

Joe Moskowitz


New York City, New York

Ian Todd

Liam Hykel


Cheyenne, Wyoming

Yeremi Hykel

San Marcos, Texas

Andrea Simpson

College Friends

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Malaina Hatcher

Todd Martin

Married High School Sweethearts

Chino, California

Ashlie Martin

Greg Franklin

Brothers & Computer Scientists

New York City, New York

John Franklin

Mountain View, California

Joel Strasser

Best Friends

Kuna, Idaho

Garrett Smith

Meridian, Idaho

Morgan Franklin


Brooklyn, New York

Lena Franklin

Los Angeles, California

Rob McArthur

Father & Son

Riverside, California

Corey McArthur

New York City, New York

Robbin Tomich

Childhood Friends

Kirkland, Washington

Chelsea Day

Shoreline, Washington

Steve Cargile

Father & Daughter

Petty, Texas

Anna Leigh Wilson

Royse City, Texas

Who’s Left this Season on The Amazing Race 35?



Ashlie Martin and Todd Martin


Greg Franklin and John Franklin


Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith

Best friends

Rob McArthur and Corey McArthur

Father and son

Robbin Tomich and Chelsea Day

Childhood best friends

Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson

Father and daughter


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