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Who Is Tigist Assefa? Know More About Marathon Runner: Wiki & Achievements

Tigist Assefa

Tigist Assefa is a name that has come to represent speed, endurance, and greatness. Tigist Assefa smashed the women’s marathon world record on a calm Berlin morning in September 2023, finishing in a record-breaking 2:11:53. This incredible achievement was accomplished with her new £400 shoes, a credit to both technology and her unrivaled athletic ability.

Tigist Assefa Tessema, also known as Tigist Assefa, was born on December 3, 1996, in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. He is not an overnight star. She has a lengthy history of long-distance running, progressing from an 800m specialist to the marathon queen we know today.

Tigist Assefa Background

Tigist’s love of running started at a young age. With a personal best of 1:59.24 in Lausanne in 2014, she engraved her name in the annals of running history. However, it was in 2022 that she shifted her focus to marathons, creating an unforgettable impression. Tigist improved quickly after her marathon debut in April 2022, shaving nearly 18 minutes off her debut time. By the 2022 Berlin Marathon, she was rated third all-time in the world.

Significant Achievements

Her first marathon was the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2022, when she finished in an outstanding 2:29:54. Her unwavering attitude, however, shined through in the 2022 Berlin Marathon. She not only improved by nearly 18 minutes, but her 2:15:37 time also ranked her third in the world.

Personal Details

Tigist, 26, measures 1.68 m tall and weighs 53 kg. Her dedication and running ability stand out more than her physical metrics. Her personal best times in the 800m (1:59.24) and marathon (2:11:53) demonstrate her flexibility.

Marathon Record-Breaking

Tigist’s career culminated in the 2023 Berlin Marathon. She redefined endurance and speed in the sweltering heat and humidity. Her 2:11:53 time made her not just the marathon winner, but also a world record holder. Tigist was rewriting the record books for female marathoners while Eliud Kipchoge was creating history, assuring that the 2023 Berlin Marathon would be remembered for years to come.

Tigist Assefa


Tigist Assefa is a shining example of devotion, skill, and hard work. Berlin 2023 was more than simply another race; it was a tribute to Tigist’s unwavering quest for excellence. Tigist Assefa’s journey from the slums of Addis Abeba to the world record books is a story of victory and dedication for sportsmen worldwide.