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Who is David Tennant’s wife, Georgia? Exploring their relationship as the actor returns for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary

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David Tennant is one of the most well-known and celebrated actors. He is mainly famous for his role as the Doctor in the British sci-fi series Doctor Who. He played the 10th incarnation of the beloved character and was appreciated by fans and critics alike for his iconic personality and quirky characterization.

The Scottish actor married Georgia Tennant in 2011, a few years after dating. The couple have five children together. Let’s take a sneak into their relationship.

Who is Georgia Tennant, David Tennant’s wife?

David Tennant earned international fame after his much-lauded role as the 10th doctor on the famous British sci-fi series Doctor Who. While acting on the show, he met fellow actress Georgia Tennant, who was his cast-mate. After the show, the duo started hanging out together and slowly began dating each other. Eventually, they got married in 2011.

One of the most fascinating and coincidental facts about David Tennant and his wife is that Georgia is the daughter of Peter Davidson, who was the fifth doctor on Doctor Who. 

The duo have had varied experiences together; they even got to work with each other again in their lockdown series, Staged. David Tennant enjoyed collaborating with his wife so much that he even went on record to say that he would love to collaborate with her again.

“Doing Staged, when we were effectively filming ourselves and directing ourselves, staging the whole thing, we discovered we quite like it” the Doctor Who actor told Times Radio. “It’s quite fun, so we’re quite happy to do that increasingly… It just made sense,” he added.

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Georgia Tennant and her brush with cancer 

Georgia and David Tennant had a difficult period in their life when the former was diagnosed with cancer back in 2018. The mother of five was unknowingly carrying cervical cancer, which she fortunately found out about before it spread too far. 

 “The lovely doctor called yesterday. Results are back. It was cancer. They’ve got it all but it was cancer. Survived cancer without ever realizing I had it. As you can tell I’m still processing this, it’s quite a thing to get your head around,” Georgia had written in a blog post in 2018.

The timely check-up and prompt action by the doctors helped the Doctor Who actress to survive an almost fatal disease and come out of the experience relatively unscathed but with a new appreciation for life.

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