What Happened to Kristi Goncalves? Idaho Murder Victim’s Mom Calls For Daeath Penalty For Suspect

Kathi Goncalves, Kaylee’s mom, spoke to NewsNation and said she wants justice for her daughter. She wants the prosecutors to do whatever it takes to get the death penalty. She and her husband are worried that if Kohberger is found guilty, he’ll be famous for his intelligence, which they don’t want. She said she can’t even go near Kaylee’s room anymore. The court process has been slow and the trial has been postponed indefinitely. The FBI came back to the Moscow house for more tests, and the Goncalves family was instrumental in stopping the university from tearing down the house where the tragedy happened. They thought it could be used as evidence later, and that’s when the modeling process started.

The university said that the house won’t be torn down this semester, despite the defense and the prosecution voting to do so. Bryan’s legal team got a big win when the judge told them to hand over DNA evidence that links him to the murders by December 1st. The prosecution used genetic genealogy to find out who he was, using sites like Ancestry, 23andMe, and more. The defense has questioned these methods and plans to fight them in court. They said that Kohberger went to the house about 12 times before the murders and tried to reach out to some victims on social media. His phone was shut off during the night of the murders when it’s thought the crime happened. He entered a not-guilty plea in May.