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TV show pays emotional tribute to the 'sweetest guy' who was a star in his own right

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Unsellable Houses has honored Michael Carver, a local Snohomish truck owner who spread bubbles and music throughout the town. His obituary declares that he played classic tunes loudly in a red and white truck. Michael has been hailed the “sweetest guy” by the HGTV show’s hosts.

Michael Carver was paid tribute to at the end of an Unsellable Houses episode on HGTV. For many, they were unsure of who he was, but Lyndsay and Leslie Lamb have spoken out about Michael’s heartwarming job while he was alive. He died in February 2023 yet his memory lives on in fans’ hearts.

Who was Michael Carver on Unsellable Houses?

Michael Carver on Unsellable Houses was a bubble truck owner known as a local hero. He drove a red and white 1967 Ford around the Snohomish High School campus and was a 1972 graduate alumnus.

In 2019, Snohomish High School presented him with a 1972 letterman jacket that he often wore. Michael made around town every Saturday morning in the truck, which spread bubbles and loud classics.

The grandfather of three to Caleb, Andrew, and Savanah, and a father to his daughter Aimee, and son, Aaron, who told The Herald that Michael “wasn’t rich financially, but he was rich with sharing and caring.”

Michael Carver’s obituary

Michael died unexpectedly on February 3, 2023, at the age of 69. During the pandemic, the rides were his mission to “try to keep people in good spirits, despite all the challenges that were going on,” his son said.

Carver, who lived in Gold Bar, drove the red truck at parades and events, along with the Saturday rides. After serving in the Army, Carver milked cows for 20 years in Snohomish. He later did landscaping.

The red ’67 Ford was just his lawn-care rig until he went to his 40th class reunion in 2012. Carver told The Daily Herald for a 2018 story. “I transferred my senior year from Darrington. I was in foster homes.”

He continued: “I ran away from up there. My brother in Snohomish decided to give me a try. It worked out good. That’s why I graduated.” In the 1972 yearbook, by his name is ‘FFA’ for the agriculture club.

Unsellable Houses host hail him the ‘sweetest guy’

The Unsellable Houses hosts describe Michael Carver as the “sweetest guy”. They wrote: “He’s known in our little town for being the sweetest guy. He drove around a truck that played music and had bubbles.”

When a fan claimed that the local hero owned the home that Lyndsay and Leslie Lamb had renovated, they clarified: “He didn’t own the home that we did. Just a huge part of our community.”


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