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Tshwane urges residents to reduce water consumption

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The soaring temperatures have led to a substantial increase in water consumption in Tshwane.

Spokesperson Lindela Mashigo said this consumption has pushed the city’s water supply system to its limits and puts reservoirs under immense pressure.

Mashigo said the city is continuing to experience high consumption despite its continuous calls for residents to use water sparingly to avert a situation where there is no supply.

“If this trend continues, it could potentially lead to serious water shortages across the city,” Mashigo warned.

He said while the supply may seem abundant, the reality is that water is not a limitless resource.

“It is therefore incumbent upon every resident to be water-conscious to ensure that we keep our reservoirs at acceptable levels.”


The city urges residents to make the following water conservation measures part of their daily normal lifestyle:

– Don’t water the garden with a hosepipe or sprinkler system between 06:00 and 18:00.

– Don’t wash your car or clean your driveway or pavement using a hosepipe.

– Flush the toilet only when necessary.

– Close the tap while brushing your teeth.

– Reduce daily water usage as much as possible.

– Fix a water leak in your yard and report street leaks. Even small leaks can contribute to significant water wastage.

– Don’t fill the swimming pool from the municipal water supply. Manual top-up of the pool is allowed only if it is fitted with a pool cover to prevent evaporation.

“The city wishes to thank all those who have heeded the call to use water sparingly, and implores them to continue doing so to ensure that our reservoirs do not run dry,” he concluded.

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