Transportation minister hails Lagos-Ibadan maiden freight train service

Transportation Minister Said Alkali says Thursday’s maiden trip of the Lagos-Ibadan freight train service marks a significant milestone in the country’s railway projects.

He said in a statement in Abuja on Sunday that it also reinforced the government’s dedication to providing a robust transportation network to cater to Nigeria’s growing population.

The maiden freight train departed from Apapa Port in Lagos on Thursday and headed to Ibadan, laden with 30 units of 40-feet containers.

Mr Alkali stated that the successful operation of the container freight train reflected the meticulous planning, relentless efforts, and diligent execution by the Ministry of Transportation and its partners.

He added that it served as a testament to the ministry’s unwavering commitment to realising the eight-point agenda of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, which prioritised the development of a modern and efficient transportation system.

The minister noted that the Lagos-Ibadan railway project, a crucial component of Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure, had immense potential to revolutionise the movement of goods and people.

He also noted that the completion of the rail project signified a major step in enhancing connectivity, boosting trade, and stimulating economic growth.

Mr Alkali expressed satisfaction with Thursday’s successful launch of the container freight train, hailing it as a significant achievement for the nation.

“As the Lagos-Ibadan railway continues to expand its operations, it is expected to play a pivotal role in alleviating congestion on roads, reducing travel time, and facilitating seamless movement of goods across the country.

“The successful initiation of the container freight train service signifies a promising future for the railway project, further solidifying its position as a vital backbone of Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure,’’ Mr Alkali stressed.