Tina Knowles Claps Back at Critics Accusing Beyoncé of ‘Lightening’ Her Skin: Calls Accusations ‘Racist and Self-Hating

Tina Knowles went all mommy bear after her famous daughter Beyoncé’s latest appearance was criticised. For those who skipped it, the “Crazy in Love” singer was accused of attempting to look paler after revealing a platinum blonde hair change and an all-silver wardrobe at the Renaissance World Tour film’s Los Angeles premiere. When she saw the unjustified criticism, Knowles, 69, was swift to defend her daughter. Knowles wrote together with a video tribute that played Beyoncé’s hit “BROWN SKIN GIRL” in the background, “Came across this today and decided to share it after spotting all of the foolish ignorant self-hating racist statements concerning her, brightening her skin, as well as wearing platinum hair wanting to be white.”

Tina Knowles added that her daughter’s “whole theme” for the globe tour “is silver,” which is why the music queen wore “silver hair” on a “silver carpet” as well as “suggested silver attire.” “You bozos decide she’s attempting to be a white woman & is bleaching her skin?” Tina Knowles continued. It’s awful that a number of her own people perpetuate the ridiculous narrative with hatred and jealousy.” As she proceeded, Beyoncé’s mother chastised individuals who perpetuated the bad story, alleging that one media source attempted to obtain a response from her daughter’s hairstylist. The mother of two then defended Beyoncé’s look further by reminding her fans of other renowned Black celebs who have worn platinum hair.

Beyonce’s Mother, Tina Knowles, Slams ‘Racist And Self-Hating’ Detractors Who Accuse Her Daughter Of ‘Lightening’ Up

Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, lashed out at internet critics alleging her daughter of skin lightening in an Instagram video uploaded Tuesday. Knowles, 69, was responding to social media comments that the 42-year-old diva appeared to have lighter skin and sported a platinum blond wig in a photo taken at the Renaissance concert film premiere on Saturday. Some speculated that the hitmaker ‘was white now,’ while others argued she’s not a Black lady!’ ‘I am exhausted from all of the people bashing her,’ Knowles said in a lengthy description of the video, denying the worries of commenters. She also compared her clothes to those worn by Black performers dating back to Etta James. ‘Discovered this today and wanted to post it after seeing all of the foolish ignorance about her, hating racist remarks about her, bleaching her skin, and wearing platinum hair’, Tina Knowles said in her lengthy caption. She said Beyoncé’s appearance was made for her Renaissance documentary, where everything is silver—hair, carpet, and clothes. But some people thought she was trying to look like a white woman and lighten her skin. ‘How unfortunate that some of her own people perpetuate the ridiculous narrative with hatred and jealousy,’ she wailed. ‘Of course, she matched her silver hair to her silver dress as a fashion statement clown. ALIEN SUPERSTAR, of course!’

Beyoncé’s mom defended her daughter on social media. Some people accused Beyoncé of trying to make her skin look lighter, and her mom called those people ‘bozos.’ She said that black women, including famous ones like Etta James, have worn platinum hair before, and it doesn’t mean they want to be white. Beyoncé’s mom is tired of people attacking her daughter whenever she achieves something through hard work. She thinks these attackers are just spreading jealousy, racism, sexism, and double standards. She expressed frustration with those who don’t appreciate Beyoncé and said that even though Beyoncé might not like her speaking out, she’s had enough. Beyoncé’s mom highlighted that Beyoncé is a private person who helps others and supports black women and underdogs. The video she posted featured Beyoncé’s song “Brown Skin Girl” from the soundtrack album “The Lion King: The Gift” released in 2019.