TikTok’s ‘Uncanny Valley’ Makeup Trend Goes Viral: Creators Transform into Eerily Realistic Humanoid Robots

A makeup trend called “Uncanny Valley” has gone viral on TikTok and everyone is amazed by that. There could be any trend that can go viral on TikTok. Right from dance steps to glitches, everything could be insanely viral on social media. Recently however a strange makeup trend has been making all crazy and that’s the “Uncanny Valley”.

Read ahead to know more about the “Uncanny Valley” make-up trend that is going viral on TikTok.

Uncanny Valley make-up trend goes viral on TikTok

Ever since Halloween vibes took over, TikTok has been buzzing with trends, including the recent sensation called “Uncanny Valley.” This makeup trend has captivated everyone’s attention.

The videos of the Uncanny Valley trend have garnered millions of views. Many are still curious about what this trend entails. The Uncanny Valley makeup trend allows users to showcase their impressive makeup skills, transforming themselves into humanoid robots.

What’s the Uncanny Valley make-up trend all about?

Simply Psychology on its website writes about the term Uncanny Valley as “The uncanny valley can be described as the hypothesized relationship between the extent to which a humanoid entity resembles an actual human being and the emotional response such an entity evokes”.

@rjchumbley We’re human, we promise… @TheGoddessBoys #uncannyvalley #uncanny #doppelgänger #skinwalker #alien #ufo ♬ Brutus (Instrumental) – The Buttress

In this Uncanny Valley make-up trend, TikTok users get a layer of foundation, and concealer on their face with highlighters so that humans look like humanoid robots. To create the look, they even use eyeliners and mascara. Ultimately making the robotic look come out.

Netizens react to Uncanny Valley make-up trend of TikTok

Certainly, the hashtag #UncannyValley has gone viral on social media, amassing millions of likes. User @rjchumbley

shared a video showcasing the Uncanny Valley makeup trend, captioning it as “We’re humans, we promise,” and it has garnered over 20 million views. Other users have also embraced the trend, often pairing it with a creepy audio of Brutus.

@rjchumbley FNAF ???? @TheGoddessBoys #uncannyvalley #FNAF #fivenightsatfreddys #freddyfazbear #skinwalker #alien #animatronic ♬ original sound – Kuys_Bob????

Most of the users have been impressed with the transition shown in the video. Many thought they would themselves give this trend a try to see how the result turned out to be. Not to miss, the trend was viral even during halloween this year.

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