TikTok’s NoahGlenCarter Claps Back at Insensitive Comments About His Childhood Home Fire

NoahGlenCarter, the popular TikToker, has been left upset with the negative comments on videos about his burnt childhood home. It was recently that the TikToker shared that his childhood home had burned. Though there were many fans who showed their support towards Noah, some left unwelcoming comments too. To which Noah has finally hit back.

Read ahead to know more about NoahGlenCarter hitting back at netizens commenting negatively on the news of his burnt childhood home.

TikToker NoahGlenCarter shares about burnt childhood home

TikToker NoahGlenCarter has been one of the popular growing content creators on the internet, often sharing a lot of fun videos. However, recently, he shared the news about losing his driver’s license and how their childhood home was burnt. The video received plenty of comments on the same.

@noahglenncarter I also lost all of my clothes, shoes, consoles, games, bed, collectibles, cards, photos, and even more. I have nothing right now. #house #fire ♬ original sound – NoahGlennCarter

While some of his fans’ comments were supportive of Noah, others were negative. This prompted the TikToker to react and hit back at the comments he received on social media about his burnt childhood home.

What did netizens comment negative about the burnt childhood home of NoahGlenCarter?

TikToker NoahGlenCarter received support from his fans on social media after sharing that his childhood home was burnt. However, some also commented negatively, suggesting that the story about the TikToker’s burnt childhood home was actually fake.

The negative comments haven’t gone well with the TikToker. He has now hit back at those netizens who commented negatively about his childhood home story. He took to social media to express his feelings about the recent negative comments he received.

NoahGlenCarter hits back at negative comments by netizens

Netizens who commented that the news of Noah’s burnt childhood home was fake. The TikToker came across many such unwelcoming comments on social media. Following this, Noah hit back, saying, “I keep seeing some pretty terrible comments about people either joking about the fire or saying it’s fake, whatever like that”.

In his comment, he added, “I don’t think you guys actually realise that i lost everything yesterday. I lost my car keys in the fire, so i have a car but i can’t even drive it”. Noah certainly seems to be very disappointed and hurt with the negative comments on his videos about the burnt home.

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