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The Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner gets interrogated by Leslie's grandkids in 'funny' sneak peek

*WARNING: The Golden Bachelor spoilers*

The Golden Bachelor is drawing to a close as only three lucky ladies are in the running for Gerry Turner‘s heart. Week five saw the departure of Ellen, Sandra, and Susan as Faith, Leslie, and Theresa make up the final three. Inaugural Golden Bachelor Gerry is ready to take the big step as jets to three hometowns and you know what that means – prepare to be grilled by the family.

The Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner and Leslie kissing in a rollercoaster car
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The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry warned to not ‘dodge’ the tough questions

Grandchildren may look harmless but they’ll be the ones quizzing retired restauranteur Gerry in the November 2 episode.

The 72-year-old flew to Golden Valley, Minnesota for Leslie Fhima‘s family, where he was met by her granddaughter, Sofia, and grandson, Jackson.

Sofia wasted no time and dived into the interrogation of her potential new step-grandfather.

“Gerry, how old are you? How much girls have you kissed?” she asked. Unfortunately, the ABC star didn’t respond with a stellar answer: “I don’t know, but a lot of them,” he admitted. We admire the honesty.

The children were left gasping after Gerry confessed to kissing their grandma.

The grilling continued: “Are you going to ask grandma to marry you? What are your intentions? What’s your five-year plan? Are you here for the right reasons?”

When Gerry jokingly complained about the questions, Sofia made sure to keep him in line. “Don’t dodge my questions,” she responded.

Get to know Leslie Fhim

Leslie Fhim is a 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minnesota. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is a former professional figure skater.

Before vying for the heart of new reality star Gerry, Leslie is believed to have dated a world-famous musician Prince, who also hailed from Minneapolis.

According to Women’s Health Leslie’s son Eli told StarTribune that his mom dated the Purple Rain singer in her teens and early 20s, before dumping him to tour with her figure skating group, the Ice Follies.

He said she dated the singer in her teens and early 20s, before breaking up with him to tour with the Ice Follies, a figure skating group.

“Not only did she date Prince,” he said. “But she broke up with Prince.”

Aside from Eli, she has two other kids called Chloe and Zack. The is a talent buyer at Livenation, meaning Sofia and Jackson have met several famous faces, including Yung Gravy, Juice Wrld, and The Kid Laroi.

The Golden Bachelor remaining schedule confirmed

The Golden Bachelor will conclude before December begins; the remaining episodes will be the most anticipated of segments of all:

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