Sunrise Weatherman Sam Mac Takes a Break to Bond with Daughter Margot: A Long-Awaited Decision

So far in 2023, Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac has boarded 112 flights to show audiences some of Australia’s most beautiful towns and cities. But, with a partner and a one-year-old daughter at home, it’s now time for him to put the travel on hold and focus on his cherished little Margot. Sam is looking forward to a month of parental leave while his partner Rebecca James goes back to work as a stylist. “She’s been contemplating it for the past couple of months and now that Margot is nearly a year old she’s ready to get back into the workforce properly,” Sam Mac told 7Life.

The weathercaster expressed his appreciation to Seven and the Sunrise team for giving him time off to take on greater responsibility at home as the family begins this new chapter. Sam is so excited to take her to the zoo & aquarium and have some quality time with her. With Sam’s leave and the forthcoming Christmas festivities, the McMillan-James family will be focused on family during the next few months. They’re thinking about visiting Rebecca’s relatives in Melbourne and Sam’s parents in Adelaide. Sam recently spent time with his parents in Sydney over the last weekend of October, when he surprised his father with the ultimate surprise.

The Sunrise Weatherman, Sam Mac Has Announced A Hiatus From The Show To Spend More Time With His One-Year-Old Daughter Margot

Sunrise Weather presenter Sam Mac recently revealed that he will be taking a break from the show to raise his infant girl. The TV anchor, who joined Channel 7’s breakfast show in 2016, welcomed his first child, daughter Margot, with wife Rebecca James last September. He’s boarded over 100 planes since then as part of his job giving the weather forecast, reporting live from various sites across the country. But now he’s ready to assist with household chores when Rebecca, a stylist, resumes to work. Mac told reporters on Monday that his wife has been contemplating getting back into the workforce for the past several months. “Now it’s my job to wake Margot up, feed her, and basically be her personal assistant. She’s walking now, which is great, but it’s a little scary since we have to childproof our house. “Margot has changed so much in the last few months.

It will be wonderful to spend some quality time with her.” Katie Brown will cover for Mac while he goes on paternity leave. Mac’s lifestyle has changed dramatically following the birth of his kid. In March, the actor revealed his 8-week physical makeover on the cover of Men’s Health, stating he had struggled to find time to exercise after becoming a first-time parent. “Any parent who has been a parent knows that the first few months are chaotic. You don’t know who you are, where you are, or what day it is. Everything else takes a back seat. Your sole focus is on your newborn & your partner, which is all-consuming. “I was completely lost in that fog, in the best way possible,” he admitted at the time. “Naturally, I had not exercised much during those years.” You could eat whatever you wanted. Having faced this obstacle, I decided I was going to put my best foot forward now that I was able to apply myself. Let’s see if I can improve my physical condition, which will benefit my mental condition.”