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Steamworld Build

SteamWorld Build is an exciting city-building dungeon crawling video game currently in development by The Station and slated for publication by Thunderful Publishing. As part of the well-regarded SteamWorld series, the game is eagerly anticipated for release in December 2023.

Players can expect a captivating gaming experience on multiple platforms, including Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. The combination of city-building and dungeon crawling elements is poised to deliver a unique and engaging gameplay experience for fans of the genre.

Steamworld Build Release Date

SteamWorld Build is set to make its debut on 1 December 2023, marking the initial release date for this eagerly awaited city-building dungeon crawling video game. Developed by The Station and published by Thunderful Publishing, the release is anticipated to offer players an immersive and exciting experience on platforms such as Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. With its fusion of city-building and dungeon crawling elements, SteamWorld Build is poised to capture the attention of gamers seeking a fresh and dynamic addition to the SteamWorld series.

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Steamworld Build Guide

Exploration Strategies:

Effective exploration is paramount in Steamworld. Prioritize opening scattered chests for valuable items and clear each floor thoroughly before descending deeper. Redirect items to actively exploring or stationed mine workers, and strategically place Grenade Turrets when facing enemies to slow them down, providing your Guards with crucial reaction time. Vigilance is key, especially on floors with enemy nests; fortify these locations with traps to withstand hostile spawns.

Building and Quarters Planning:

Strategic planning of quarters is essential for efficient resource management and city growth. Carefully plan quarter sizes based on functions and worker needs. Tailor the sizes of specific quarters, such as Miner Quarters, Prospector Quarters, Guard Quarters, Workshop, and Mechanic Quarters. Establish districts to manage different citizen types effectively, grouping service buildings for optimal resource and service distribution. Enhance steambot movement efficiency and building range by upgrading roads.

Resource and Item Management:

Regularly monitor resource production and demand through the Administration Window. Prioritize increasing production for resources listed in red to meet demand. Utilize and store all resources, anticipating future demand as your city grows. Boards and Tools are crucial for building, so ensure a steady supply by allocating resources and production efficiently. Take advantage of the stacking capability of items in mines for more efficient resource use and enhanced mining operations.

Steamworld Build Gameplay

SteamWorld Build delivers a captivating gaming experience, seamlessly blending city-building and exploration genres. In the initial phase, players construct and manage a mining town on an alien planet, focusing on meticulous planning and meeting residents’ needs. Progression is marked by milestones tied to town population, unlocking new buildings and technologies.

The second phase introduces exploration, requiring players to repair their mining shaft, recruit miners, and explore an abandoned mine for ancient technology. This dynamic interplay between town growth, resource collection, and exploration creates an immersive experience. As the town expands, attracting more engineers, players enhance mining capabilities by recruiting additional miners. SteamWorld Build offers players a well-rounded and exciting gameplay adventure.

Steamworld Build Trailer

Steamworld Build Overview


The Station


Thunderful Publishing


Adam Vassée




Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date

December 1, 2023


City-building, dungeon crawling



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