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Squid Game The Challenge brings back tasks but YouTuber spent £3.5M to do it himself

Squid Game: The Challenge games feature those deadly OG tasks including Man With The Umbrella, Red Light Green Light, and Trick or Treat, to name just a few. However, fans are hitting back at Netflix. YouTuber Mr Beast already took Squid Game and ran with it during a multi-million experiment.

Netflix is bringing out the reality version of the deadly fictional Squid Game. A total of 456 real players are taking on the same games – with some scary surprises – but they won’t get shot obviously. The all-time favorite game, Red Light Green Light, kicks off Squid Game: The Challenge.

Squid Game: The Challenge contestants standing in line while surrounded by masked guards
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Squid Game The Challenge – Games

Original games from the fictional Squid Game are coming back, including Red Light Green Light, The Man With The Umbrella, and War. However, many are new on the new Netflix spin-off – like Trick or Treat.

Mr Beast recreated Squid Game already

YouTuber Mr Beast already recreated the reality version of Squid Game. He spent £3.5 million and put £426,000 on the line for the winning contestant, featured in a video released on November 24, 2021.

He recreated every single set from the original show involving 456 people – the same amount in Squid Game: The Challenge. The first game they played was Red Light Green Light under a 30-minute timer.

With 200 million views and $7 per every 1000 views, he earned $1.4 million from ad revenue. Then the video was sponsored by Brawl Stars, which received 265 million downloads.

Red Light Green Light – rules

Red Light Green Light game gives contestants 30 minutes to cross the first red line from one side of the room. However, when you say ‘Red Light’, everyone has to stop moving. Anyone who moves is out.

The Man With The Umbrella game is where the contestants need to separate the shape from the cookie. The cookie is a honeycomb cookie known by its other name, the Dalgona cookie.

Squid Game The Challenge’s Trick or Treat game is a new task, while ‘War’ on episode 3 is a tug of war, where two sides pull on each side of a long rope until a side lets go.

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