Sexyy Red Faces Backlash: Transphobic Remark in New Song Sparks Outrage on Social Media

Rapper Sexyy Red is receiving social media backlash due to a transphobic remark in an unreleased track. Known for her explicit lyrics, a recent report about one of her unreleased tracks has stirred controversy for its offensive content, drawing criticism from many.

Read ahead to know more about rapper Sexyy  Red faces backlash for an unreleased track having transphobic remarks in it.

Sexyy  Red’s unreleased track goes viral

Fans of rapper Sexyy Red are familiar with her preference for songs that often feature explicit lyrics. While she has released many tracks of this nature, a recent unreleased track of hers has gone viral, drawing attention due to its controversial lyrics.

As per a report of Out, the unreleased track of Red has some transphobic remarks in it. As in the track, she makes her comparison to transgenders. But before you move ahead with this article. We alert you of some explicit lyrics included in the article.

Transphobic remarks in Sexyy  Red’s unreleased track

According to a report, an unreleased track by Sexyy Red has surfaced with lyrics containing a transphobic remark: “Keep a d*ck on me, they think I’m a tr*nny”. The accompanying clip features Red inside a car, rapping these controversial lyrics, which has sparked criticism from many.

The clip has gone viral on social media and now netizens have been reacting on the same. Though Red has had a quite good rapping career so far and fans have been loving her tracks too. It looks like netizens aren’t really impressed this time with her lyrics.

Fans Criticize Rapper Sexyy Red for Transphobic Remark in Unreleased Track

The clip of Sexyy Red with her unreleased track has gone viral on social media. The transphobic remark in the track has been facing massive backlash on social media. As netizens have come ahead to slam Red.

One of the users on social media wrote “We’re not surprised….. she’s literally a trump supporter”. While another user wrote

, “This is literally so weird and the fact that she emphasizes knowing what it means just makes it even more sick”.

One even commented, “That’s actually not good because she’s about to lose her career that she has been building from years”.

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