Saucy Santana Slams Wack 100’s Attempt to Set up a Fight in DJ Akademiks Feud

Saucy Santana is currently in a feud with DJ Akademiks, during which he also confronted Wack 100 for allegedly involving someone else in a physical altercation against him. Surely, the beef between Saucy and Akademiks has gone a step ahead. As Saucy clapped back at Wack 100 for supporting Akademiks and getting one more guy in the beef against him.

Read on to learn more about Saucy Santana’s response to Wack 100 involving another person in a physical altercation against him.

The ongoing beef between S aucy Santana and DJ Akademiks

The ongoing feud between Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks is due to the former’s support for his friend, Yung Miami. Miami and Akademiks don’t have a good relationship with each other, frequently accusing and calling each other out.

During an interview with VladTv, Akademiks had accused Miami of being partially responsible for the homophobia. Meanwhile, Saucy Santana has been staunchly supporting his friend Yung Miami during her feud with Akademiks, which has led to a beef between him and Akademiks as well.

Saucy Santana hits back at Wack 100 for supporting DJ Akademiks and calling another guy to beat former

Social media lately has witnessed a lot of drama between DJ Akademiks, Saucy Santana, and Yung Miami. Amid this Wack 100 supporting Akademiks hasn’t gone well with Saucy Santana. As Wack had even called another guy to beat Saucy.

On 3rd November, Saucy even took to his Instagram stories hitting back at Wack 100. As later called another guy to beat Saucy. In his Instagram stories, Saucy was heard saying “Akademiks done went and did a link up with Wack 100 and another Power Puff Girl, sitting on a muthaf**kin’ couch, face full of muthaf**kin’ fear”.

He added “And then you got Wack 100 calling another bisexual boy, like he gonna do something to me!B***h, who? B***h, where?”

More about Saucy Santana calling out Wack 100

In his video, Saucy said, “You done left one headquarters, and went to another headquarters, but still ain’t show up in Miami ad I’m not gonna see you no-muthaf**kin’ where?”.

He clapped back saying “So shut the f**k up! And I was gonna leave you alone once you started muthaf**kin’ cryin’, but since you wanna keep chattin’, and you done did a whole bad b***h linkup, i got something for you”.

Certainly Saucy didn’t like Wack 100 getting into the former’s beef with Akademiks especially getting another man into the beef. As in his video, he slammed Wack for his decision.

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