Reverse 1999 Diggers Build Guide, Reverse 1999 Diggers Abilities

Reverse 1999 Diggers

In the game Reverse: 1999, Diggers is a character known for his artistic endeavors and serves as a 5-star Arcanist with the Plant Afflatus. He plays a crucial role as a powerful debuffer in battles. Diggers’ abilities include Long Live Peace, a one-target attack that deals Mental Damage and inflicts Weakness, and Bubblism, a mass debuff that reduces Reality DEF and Mental DEF for all enemies.

His ultimate skill, Sweet Dreams For You, is a potent one-target attack that inflicts Nightmare on the enemy. Diggers contributes to defensive debuffs by consistently applying the Weakness debuff and controlling enemies’ Ultimate abilities through the Moxie reduction of the Terror debuff. His versatility makes him compatible with various team options, especially those featuring glass-cannon DPS characters like Charlie, Eagle, and Melania.

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Reverse 1999 Diggers Build Guide

Psychubes Selection:

Luxurious Leisure:

Boosts damage significantly after casting the Ultimate. The more Diggers uses his Ultimate, the higher the damage gain.

Brave New World:

Enhances damage output similarly to Luxurious Leisure.

Yearning Desire:

Strengthens Diggers’ damage output when specific debuffs are present on enemies.

His Bounden Duty / A Free Heart:

For survivability, consider His Bounden Duty for HP restoration or A Free Heart to reduce damage taken when health is below 50%.

Synergies with Other Characters:

Glass-Cannon DPS Characters (e.g., Charlie, Eagle, Melania):

Diggers is highly compatible with squishy carries that deal substantial damage but lack defense. He provides valuable debuffs to weaken enemies, allowing DPS characters to focus on unleashing potent damage.

Against Enemies Weak to Plant Afflatus:

Diggers synergizes well with other Arcanists like Druvis III and Satsuki, supporting them in inflicting Petrify and dealing significant damage.

Survivability and Damage Boost Considerations:

Luxurious Leisure / Brave New World / Yearning Desire:

Prioritize these Psychubes for damage output.

His Bounden Duty / A Free Heart:

Choose based on whether you prefer HP restoration or reduced damage taken when Diggers’ health is below 50%.

Overall Assessment:

Versatile Support Role:

Diggers’ flexible nature makes him an excellent support choice for various team compositions.

Defensive Debuff Specialist:

With skills like Weakness and Terror, Diggers excels in controlling the battle by reducing enemy damage output and hindering their Ultimate abilities.

Consider Team Composition:

Assess your current roster of Arcanists and decide if Diggers fits well with your team strategy.

By carefully selecting Psychubes and considering team synergies, you can enhance Diggers’ effectiveness in battles, making him a valuable asset in Reverse: 1999.


Reverse 1999 Diggers Abilities

Diggers’ kit revolves around offensive and defensive debuffs, positioning him as a versatile unit in battles. His Skill 1, Long Live Peace, consistently applies the Weakness debuff, reducing enemy damage output.

Bubblism, his Skill 2, not only reduces enemies’ Reality DEF and Mental DEF but also hinders their Ultimate abilities with the Terror debuff. Diggers’ ultimate, Sweet Dreams For You, deals significant Mental Damage and inflicts Nightmare on enemies, preventing them from acting. His defensive debuffs make Diggers effective in controlling tough encounters.

Reverse 1999 Plot

Reverse: 1999 unfolds its plot in London, England, on New Year’s Eve in 1999, where a mysterious “Storm” disrupts the world. The “Timekeeper,” immune to this temporal upheaval, befriends arcanists from diverse times and countries. Tasked with guiding them to escape the effects of the Storm, the protagonist witnesses the beginnings and ends of numerous eras.

The combat system, centered around a card system, adds a strategic layer to the game, with characters classified into different Afflatus and cyclic interactions affecting damage. The plot offers a unique narrative where players navigate through time and space, encountering challenges and forging alliances to overcome the effects of the Storm.

Reverse 1999 Trailer

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