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Reality TV star urged 'to come clean' after intense PDA with co-star

When Tyler Norris touched down in Paradise, he was keen to get to know Mercedes Northup right away. The Bachelor In Paradise stars went on to enjoy a romantic date together. Tyler was Mercedes’ first ‘one-on-one’ date on the show and she admitted that he was “even cuter” in real life than in his Instagram pictures.

It’s safe to say that Mercedes was swooning over Tyler from the get-go and he appeared to be equally as into her. That was until he expressed an interest in Jess Girod. When Genevie Mayo arrived in Mexico, she opted to date Blake Moynes. This gave Tyler a moment to show Jess some love and via a super ASMR-worthy kiss, it certainly looked (and sounded) like he did that to Bachelor in Paradise fans.

Mercedes Northup and Tyler Norris smile tilting heads together sitting at dinner table on Bachelor In Paradise
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Bachelor In Paradise’s Tyler and Mercedes

Tyler Norris looked like he found love when he was on Bachelor In Paradise last year.

He left the show with Brittany Galvin but their relationship ended shortly after season 8 ended.

Now, he’s back in Paradise and initially set his sights on “giddy” Mercedes.

She was one of the contestants who took part in Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor which was filmed last year.

Although Tyler and Mercedes appeared to be a couple with a lot of promise, the ABC stars hit a rough patch when the show’s ‘truth box’ came out.

Wells Adams reads out an anonymous note from the box: “Tyler, everyone knows that you’re not that into Mercedes, you better come clean because she deserves the truth.”

Fans ask if Mercedes ‘knows about Jess’

Given what the anonymous ‘truth box’ note says on Bachelor In Paradise, some fans are asking whether Mercedes knows that her partner shared a kiss with Jess.

Speaking in a confessional after hearing the note, Mercedes said: “I don’t deserve to have someone just drag me along just for fun.”

She added that her “expectations” and thoughts about their relationship “went to sh**.”

Speaking through tears, Mercedes says that it “scares her” to think that Tyler might not be “her person.”

Are Tyler and Mercedes together?

No, BIP’s Tyler and Mercedes are reportedly no longer an item. Although they both still follow one another on Instagram.

Reality Steve’s ‘spoiler’ Instagram post for Bachelor In Paradise season 9 states that Mercedes and Tyler didn’t go the distance.

The reality TV stars’ romance is said to have come to an end with Tyler “breaking up with Mercedes.”


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