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Reality TV star channels Regina George as fans say she's a 'mean girl'

Kat Izzo could have responded to comments about her being Bachelor In Paradise’s “mean girl” in many different ways. But, the reality star is leaning into her ‘Regina George’ nickname, telling critics that she “doesn’t care” if people “hate her” via a quote from the Mean Girls movie.

Dating shows can be a rollercoaster ride for lots of contestants but Kat, 26, has had a seriously tumultuous time – as well as a lot of criticism from viewers – in Bachelor In Paradise‘s season 9. After things headed south with Brayden Bowers, Kat ended up finding love with John Henry Spurlock. This wasn’t the easiest relationship to form, though, as he was initially interested in Olivia Lewis, and the three ended up in a love triangle.

Kat Izzo and Peter Cappio stand together on stage on Bachelor In Paradise with stand up microphones in front of them
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Kat Izzo impersonates Regina George

After earning herself “meal girl” status on Bachelor In Paradise, Kat Izzo decided to have some fun with online critics on Instagram.

In a post from November 20, Kat mimes over a famous scene from Mean Girls impersonating Regina George.

Mercedes Northup acts alongside Kat in the skit and plays the role of Cady Heron.

Kat also shares a quote from the 2004 movie in the post’s caption reading: “To find out that everyone hates me? I don’t care! Do you know what everyone says about you? Hmm? They say that you’re a homeschooled jungle freak, that’s a less hot version of me! Yeah! So don’t try to act so innocent! You can take that fake apology, and shove it right up your hairy- Regina George.”

BIP star defends herself

Before sharing her Regina George quotes online, Kat spent some of season 9 defending herself against her co-stars’ criticism.

Airing her frustrations in a confessional, Kat said: “I know that I’m a graceful and respectful and charismatic person and I’m confident in that.”

The ABC star may have rubbed some people up the wrong way during her time on the show. But, others are hailing her “iconic” and love that she’s stayed true to herself.

Bachelor In Paradise star ‘makes enemies’

Most reality TV stars heading to Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise may have been ready to make memories on the show, but fans are convinced that Kat was keen to “make enemies.”

While lots of viewers have gone in on Kat during her time on the ABC show, many are “Team Kat” and called out Olivia for calling her names when John Henry chose to leave her.

Others have dubbed Kat “awful,” and more are calling for her and John Henry to “get off their screens.”

Thankfully, the star has loyal followers, too, with one writing: “Kat and John Henry are so cute like they have chemistry down.”


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