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Ranch owners found 'blind' creatures deep underground in eerie discovery

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is officially back on our screens, stretching across its many acres to hopefully find some answers to paranormal mysteries. When Duane Ollinger and his friend Chad drilled up caverns back in the day, they discovered something crazy. That’s how the ranch got its name, and the two have been convinced ever since that the mystery is 100 per cent real.

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Duane Ollinger wears hat and looks down, holding hand over mouth.
Credit: Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch/Discovery

How many acres is Blind Frog Ranch?

Blind Frog Ranch is 160 acres wide and based in in Utah’s Uintah Basin. The entire Basin is 5,000 to 10,000 feet (1,500 to 3,000 m) above sea level and is home to hundreds of dinosaur fossils and scenic canyons.

UFO activity is rumored to be taking place near the area at a place called Skinwalker Ranch, aka Sherman Ranch, which is located approximately 512 acres southeast of Ballard, Utah.

Duane Ollinger and his family own the ranch and is determined to find the famous lost treasure thought to be hidden there. Historically, the ranch is very large, as a usual homestead is 160 acres.

Is Blind Frog Ranch real?

Nobody involved in the production of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has stated that the series isn’t authentic. Nevertheless, there is a Reddit thread in which people are arguing that the show is “set up”.

One viewer wrote: “Does anyone else think this show is… all set up? The nugget they pull and a Spanish coin they pull out of the same hole seems so fake…” Locals say the land is cursed and has treasures.

The titular Utah property does have a reputation for hosting valuable metals and for witnessing alleged paranormal occurrences, and Duane and Chad do believe they’ve seen sightings such as UFOs.

What is the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch?

Duane and Chad Ollinger have spent close to a decade trying to unearth the mystery $3 billion in Aztec gold that they believe is hidden in a vast network of underground caverns deep within Blind Frog Ranch.

The Blind Frog Ranch got its name when blind frogs were found while the owner was digging holes in the land. When Duane and Chad drilled through the caverns under the surface at the ranch, they found frogs.

As the area was filled with this rich water that had apparently levelled up from a water plate under the land, they found hundreds of frogs at the surface, which didn’t move when they tried to coax them away.

They only moved once they were touched, as these frogs had lived their entire lives in an ecosystem underground, and they cannot see in the sunlight because they are blind. And the rest is history!


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