Raj Kundra’s ‘UT69’ fails to set box office ablaze despite true story hype

Businessman Raj Kundra marked his acting debut in ‘UT69’, a film depicting his experience during a 60-day stint in Arthur Road Jail amidst a pornography case. Despite receiving a mixed-to-positive reception from film critics, UT69 struggled to make a significant impact at the box office. Its opening day earnings were a mere Rs 10 lakh, with the second day showing similar results. According to Sacnilk, the film managed to collect only Rs 20 lakh on the second day, doubling its initial earnings but still falling short of exceptional success.

Touted as a true story, ‘UT69’ is directed by Shahnawaz Ali and delves into Raj Kundra’s time at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail in connection with the pornography case. On the film’s first day, Raj’s wife Shilpa Shetty also reviewed ‘UT69’ and expressed her admiration on Instagram, stating, “My dearest Cookie, I know I say many things… but, this is something I want you to remember! YOU are special & brave, and I am soooo proud of you. Many people go through hardships… some become cynical, some bitter, & some even change. What is admirable is how YOU have taken it all in your stride and embraced life’s journey with positivity.”