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Proof that Married At First Sight doesn't really work

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*Warning: Married At First Sight UK 2023 spoilers ahead*

If you think 90 Day Fiance is crazy, take a look at Married At First Sight UK. The cast of the E4 show takes the phrase “love at first sight” literally by getting married seconds after laying eyes on each other. While the show claims the couple matches are created based on “scientific and sociological factors”, the chances of success are slim. That being said, several perfect matches have spawned from the series.

MAFS UK still together in 2023

Michelle Jenkins and Owen Jenkins – Season 5

Series 5 only featured two couples due to Covid lockdown in 2020 but it was the most successful at the time since Owen and Michelle were the first couple to have married and stayed together. The newlyweds had more in common than they thought when they discovered that Owen’s mum had attended the same school as Michelle’s dad, and later spotted them standing close together in a school photo.

In May 2023, the couple announced they were expecting their first child in December.

Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria – Season 6

Adam and Tayah are an unforgettable MAFS couple after the groom mistook Tayah’s friend, a bridesmaid, as the bride. Luckily, he was even more besotted with Tayah when she walked down the aisle.

In October 2022, the couple welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Beau Emily, and the parents will be legally marrying in December 2023. They are the only couple in season 6 who remain together.

Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton – Season 7

Five couples chose to say I Do during their final decision, but only Jenna and Zoe are still together one year later. The pair disagreed on multiple subjects on the show, including willingness to start a family and passionate environmentalist Jenna being vegan, but they have clearly worked through their issues.

Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau – Season 8

Since season 8 has only just concluded at the time of writing, several couples are still together, including Peggy Rose and Georges. Both parties admitted to fancying each other upon their first meeting, but their MAFS journey was a rocky one due to several disputes.

One emotional moment came when Peggy confronted Georges about his side hustle, which consisted of the 30-year-old doing favours for his online fans. Surfaced footage shows Georges wearing a tight leopard-print leotard while squatting and exposing his buttocks on cam. Nevetheless, the pair powered through to the final vow ceremony and are still together.

They no longer live together since they are taking their romance at a normal pace.

Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts – Season 8

Just days after Jordan Gayle promised himself to Erica Roberts, a photo of him pictured with a mystery woman circulated the internet. Rumors alleged that he cheated on his wife, which he firmly denied in the explosive reunion, calling it “bull****”.

“She didn’t kiss me, she tried to, I pushed her away!” he insisted.

In a statement to DailyMail, Jordan said: “The accusation of me cheating on Erica is 100 per cent false and clearly coming from someone who has a malicious agenda to try and ruin our relationship.” 

Paul Liba and Tasha Jay – Season 8

Viewers branded Tasha as “toxic” after the couple had their first major fight in early November. The argument broke out off-camera following the commitment ceremony, which Paul claimed Tasha had “screamed in his face”.

The pair attempted to talk things about but Tasha walked out of the apartment. After two days apart, Tasha apologized and promised that the behaviour would not happen again.

Fast forward to after the reunion, the couple are still together.

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