Pokimane’s Cookie Brand Faces Backlash Amid Claims of Striking Similarities to Costco Product

Pokimane faced backlash for her snack company’s Midnight Mini Cookies, which are criticized for their similarity to another brand available at Costco. Fans of Pokimane have been excited ever since they learned about the arrival of her own brand. However, upon its launch, netizens have been comparing it with other products sold at Costco.

Read ahead to know more about Pokimane’s Midnight Mini Cookies of Myna Snacks responds to backlash about its similarities with another product.

Pokimane launches Midnight Mini Cookies by Myna Snacks

Streamer Pokimane has been teasing her own brand for quite some time. Following the launch, she introduced her brand, Myna Snacks, featuring the first product, Midnight Mini Cookies. Fans were delighted with the streamer’s product debut.

The ingredients and claims of the Midnight Mini Cookies have left fans impressed. However, some quickly noticed striking similarities between the product and another one sold at Costco, criticizing Myna Snacks for rebranding and white-labeling.

Midnight Mini Cookies of Myna Snacks gets slammed for its similarities to another product

Myna Snacks, in collaboration with Darcey Macken, offers a new line of snacks endorsed by Pokimane, Who is known as a food industry veteran. The Midnight Mini Cookies under Myna Snacks have faced backlash due to their similarities with another product sold at Costco.

Some netizens observed similarities between Pokimane’s cookies and Toatzy’s Midnight Mini Cookies sold at Costco. In response to copying accusations, Pokimane’s brand has addressed the issue.

Myna Snacks responds to backlash about their Midnight Mini Cookies

Netizens criticized Myna Snacks’ Midnight Mini Cookies, accusing them of rebranding and white-labeling. Some users also claimed the price was three times the product’s weight.

Myna Snacks responded to the claims, stating, “Our product formulation is unique to Myna and exclusive to us. We can confirm the Midnight Mini Cookies were in development for years. This process included many rounds of testing and ingredient changes”.

Pokimane the same responded saying “this has been 2 years in the making and my heart is so full……my co-founder Darcey has 20 years + in the snacks industry and we wanted to do everything right for you guys. the stats feel good, but the taste is even better”.

It’s likely that Myna Snacks will provide more details about their product in response to the backlash it faced.

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