Nigerian Man Wins N180 million On SportyBet, Shares Receipts On Twitter

The Twitter user, @_kennyblaze1391 sharing the post, wrote:“180m in 3 days,”


A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to show off his winning tickets after cashing out N180 millon on SportyBet in three days.


The Twitter user, @_kennyblaze1391 sharing the post, wrote:“180m in 3 days,”


See some reactions below:


@HenryOosha: “Grace at its peak!!”


@Alibras257: “It is well o! Na you the this betting… No doubt, today virtual tomorrow real game all na hit back to back.”


@Pearlskitchen4: “God before we say make we thank you for the one when you do you don do another one. We are externally grateful for your mercies oh,congratulations nor go finish for our mouth ….congratulations once again sir.”


@iWillWinET4: “There’s something you can’t take out of a man , you can take everything else but the grace of God in his life. This man here, is A DEFINITION OF PURE GRACE. I celebrate with you so I can be celebrated.”


@lekimite: “One of the things that do sweet me is seeing people winning millions on sporty, may people continue to win sporty and other betting company IJN, Insha Allah, in Sango, Oya and others name.”


@marobiy: “Biggest motivation I’ve seen this morning. Walai I can’t give though it may tarry. God is still on the throne changing lives. Congratulations once again big Kenny!”