New US Trailer for German Film ‘The Teachers’ Lounge’ – A Must See

New US Trailer for German Film ‘The Teachers’ Lounge’ – A Must See

by Alex Billington
November 16, 2023
Source: YouTube

The Teacher's Lounge Trailer

“It’s about mathematics not magic.” Sony Pictures Classics has revealed the US trailer for the German film titled The Teachers’ Lounge, made by Ilker Çatak. It won a bunch of awards already, with rave reviews from almost everyone who has seen it, earning €1.8 million at the German box office. One of the best foreign films this year! When one of her students is suspected of theft, teacher Carla Nowak decides to get to the bottom of the matter. Caught between her ideals & the school system, the consequences of her own actions threaten to break her. This anxiety-laden, compelling psychological thriller is specifically about “the seismic repercussions that can come from the seemingly smallest of decisions.” The film stars Leonie Benesch, Leonard Stettnisch, Eva Löbau, and Michael Klammer. A remarkably taut, gripping, fascinating film about how simple mistakes can go too far and how too many people are caught up in some idealistic system to understand what is the right thing to do. Absolutely a must see when it opens in your local art house cinema. It’s also Germany’s submission to the Academy Awards this year, and it’s expected to be nominated.

Here’s the new US trailer (+ US poster) for Ilker Çatak’s The Teachers’ Lounge, direct from YouTube:

The Teachers' Lounge Poster

Carla Nowak, a dedicated sports and math teacher, starts her first job at a high school. She stands out among the new staff due to her idealism. When a series of thefts occur and one of her students is suspected, she decides to get to the bottom of the matter on her own. Carla then tries to mediate between outraged parents, opinionated colleagues and aggressive students, but is relentlessly confronted with the structures of the school system. The more desperately she tries to do everything right… the more the young teacher threatens to break. The Teachers’ Lounge, also known as Das Lehrerzimmer in German, is directed by the German-Turkish filmmaker Ilker Çatak, of the films Once Upon a Time Indianerland, I Was I Am I Will Be, and Stambul Garden, plus lots of short films. The screenplay is by Johannes Duncker and Ilker Çatak. Produced by Ingo Fliess. This initially premiered at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival, and it also played at TIFF & AFI Fest recently. The film already opened in theaters in Germany earlier this year in May. Sony Classics will release The Teachers’ Lounge in select US theaters (NY & LA at first) starting December 25h, 2023.


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