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Netflix star hopes his convincing acting skills will bag him a girlfriend in show twist

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Lee Tae Gyun joins the Love Like A K-Drama line-up on Netflix. The twist is that he’ll be taking on a romantic acting role, but producers are seeing if his on-screen performance will bag him a girlfriend in real life. He hopes that the chemistry behind cameras will continue in real life…

Described by Netflix as eccentric, Lee Tae Gyun is a model who is new to the acting world. He has modelled for the likes of GQ Korea, Dazed, and Vogue Korea. He’s certainly no stranger to cameras, but at 27, he’s already posed for three major publications and now bagged a role on a huge streaming platform.

Who is Lee Tae Gyun?

Lee Tae Gyun is a model and actor. The 27-year-old likes to listen to good music when he is not busy posing for the cameras, and has posed for multiple publications like Vogue Korea.

Based in South Korea, modelling is a new career for him. Acting is too, which posed a challenge when judges said he had a “lack of expression” and a performance that fell short of expectations.

Tae Gyun’s role on Love Like A K-Drama is his first foray from modelling into the world of TV, blending both acting and reality TV. He is one of eight male and female actors from Korea and Japan on the series.

Love Like a K-Drama star found his match

Lee Tae Gyun was paired with Rio Yamashita for an acting performance. “It’s a shame her scene partner didn’t match her. In my opinion, Tae Gyun showed no reaction,” said the judges.

It seems modelling may be his strong suit, but he did bag himself a girlfriend on the series! Both Lee Tae Gyun and Ayano still follow each other on Instagram, hinting that they are still together.

Spoilers: Lee ditches one female

Tae Gyun ditches Nozomi Bando for Ayano Kudo, who won a Japanese beauty pageant at 12, in hopes of developing chemistry with her. Tae Gyun invites the two women to Bonpo Bridge on the show.

He decides to give Ayano a handshake, marking the beginning of their journey as a couple! With no choice, Nozomi was left to pair up with the remaining Korean star on the show – Kim Dong-kyu.

Tae Gyun also expressed his desire to pair up with Rio Yamashita for a scene, causing disappointment for Song Jihyuk. He tried to woo her by speaking in Japanese, saying coffee from Tokyo is the finest.


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