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Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch land holds $3 billion in gold and 'black hole secrets'

After what feels like millennia of anticipation, Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch is finally back on the Discovery Channel with its third season. Duane Ollinger and his team return this November to uncover mysterious findings on his land. As experts explain the Ranch’s discoveries are “other-worldly,” Duane is left looking super spooked.

Discovery Channel viewers are transported to Utah for season 3. Duane, his son, and his good pal, Charlie Snider, are helping him unearth oddities on the land. The show’s trailer sees Chad holding a piece of gold at long last, but there’s still much more to be uncovered in this year’s season.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch stars Charlie Snider and Chad Ollinger speak to expert who gestures with hand talking across table
Credit: Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch/Discovery/Warner Bros

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3 start date

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch fans will be pleased to know that the show’s third season kicks off on Wednesday, November 15.

Episode 1 begins at 10 pm ET and sees the crew searching for Aztec gold. This time around, Duane Ollinger and his team are armed with quantum technology to find the hidden treasure.

After scouring the Northeastern Utah land, Duane’s son, Chad Ollinger, can be seen holding “finally” gets to a hold a piece of gold in his hands. But, there’s reportedly $3 million worth waiting to be found.

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch team goes underground

According to Discovery, the Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch crew has 160 acres of remote and rugged terrain to explore.

But, not all the focus of season 3 is above ground as they delve into some mysteries underground in a bid to see what lies beneath.

The season 3 trailer get super spooky as Duane says “unexplainable” things are found at the Ranch including “spirits” and “underground keyhole formations.”

The team also runs into some trouble when claim jumpers are found to be illegally digging on the ground as the search for Aztec gold intensifies.

Discovery show’s ‘black hole’

Taking to Instagram ahead of the season 3 premiere, Duane warns his followers: “Don’t shoot the messengers.”

Formations similar to that seen in Mayan locations, and at Stonehenge in the UK are explored during season 3.

However, one find on the land that appears to have Duane spooked is something an expert says he’s “only ever seen in supermassive black holes.”

He adds: “It does not belong here.”


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