Most of Your Wives Didn't Marry You From a Place of Love But of Settlement – Nigerian Man Tells Men



A Nigerian man, Ejike Eke has sent a message to men.


He revealed to them that most of their wives didn’t marry them from a place of love.


He shared his thoughts on Facebook and wrote:


“Dear kings, the truth is most of your wives only settled for you, they didn’t marry you from a place of love but of settlement, they needed financial and social security. Since the kind of men they wanted weren’t coming for them or serious about them they decided to settle for you. Next time watch out for a woman that wants to get married and not the one that wants to settle down. Don’t be her fall back plan, don’t be her retirement plan. You are a king, don’t look dull and still be dull, you deserve the best. God bless and keep us all,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday, November 2.