Megan Fox Opens Up About Pregnancy Loss with Machine Gun Kelly in New Poetry Book

On Tuesday, actress Megan Fox released her debut poetry collection, Pretty Boys are Poisonous, in which she shares verses about abusive relationships, love addiction, and the miscarriage of a baby she had with Machine Gun Kelly. “Never in my life have I experienced anything like that,” Fox said about pregnancy loss on Good Morning America. As a mother of three, it was extremely difficult for Travis and me, and it sent us on a very wild journey, both together and separately, to figure out what this all means. As well as, “Why did this happen? ’” During the Billboard Music Awards in May 2022, Kelly performed his song “Twin Flame” and said it was written “for Megan Fox.”

He concluded his act by saying, “And this was for our unborn child.” Fox and ex-husband Brian Austin Green have three children. Kelly pushed her to compose the poetry book, and she considered the experience cathartic, she revealed on Good Morning America. “I simply believed it was something deep within me that had to come out since it was about to make me sick,” she told me. She admitted to having covertly been linked with “horrific people” in the past, and she took some of her poetry out of the book owing to the scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity. As Fox remarked, she penned plenty of stuff that didn’t make it into the book.

Megan Fox Opens Up About Her Miscarriage With Machine Gun Kelly In Her Debut Poetry Collection Called ‘Pretty Boys Are Dangerous’

In her debut poetry collection, Megan Fox reveals that she miscarried 10 weeks into her pregnancy. Throughout Pretty Boys Are Dangerous, the actress describes the loss of a baby girl in two prose pieces. According to Fox in the first, titled “i,” there is an ultrasound beside your bed, and she asks, Would she have left a suicide note if she could? A second poem, titled “ii,” depicts Fox saying goodbye as she closes her eyes and imagines holding her loved one close to her chest as they tear them apart. She continues, “I will pay any price / please tell me / whatever is the price / for her soul.” During an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday, Fox discussed her relationship with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. “I’ve never experienced anything like this throughout my life,” stated the Expend4bles star.

As a mother of three, it was extremely challenging for both of us, as it sent us on an extremely wild journey together and independently . . . Trying to navigate the challenges was a real challenge for us. ‘What does this indicate?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’” She has three sons with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, previously referred to the miscarriage during a performance of the track “Twin Flame” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, dedicating it to Megan Fox and “our unborn child.” Pretty Boys Are Dangerous delves into Fox’s connection with Baker, as well as her previous relationships with abusive men. “I merely believed it was something deep within me that had been forcing itself out given that it was going to make me sick,” Megan Fox said of the poems, emphasising that the book is neither a memoir nor exposé. “It offers a sophisticated place for your anguish to live — turning it into art makes it beneficial to other individuals,” she said of authoring the anthology. As a result, you are not suffering alone.”