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Married To Medicine's Dr G's age gap with new wife is clear once you find out how they met

Married To Medicine season 10 premiere featured Dr G aka – Dr Gregory Lunceford – and his new wife, who have a considerable age difference.

Married To Medicine welcomes a fresh new face in season 10. Lateasha Lunceford is the Bravo newbie on the block after tying the knot with show regular Dr Gregory Lunceford, who was married to Quad Webb until 2019. Lateasha is the youngest member of the cast but her confident personality means she’s not someone to be messed with among the group of strong ladies of Married To Medicine.

"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere
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Married To Medicine’s Dr G and Lateasha Lunceford have a 24-year age gap

Dr G was born on April 21, 1967, making him 56 years old. His new bride, meanwhile, is 32-year-old meaning they have an age difference of more than two decades. Lunceford’s ex, Quad, is 11 years older than Lateasha.

Newcomer Lateasha, aka Sweet Tea, married Dr G in April after getting engaged while on vacation in September. The pair met on Instagram after she made the first move by sliding into his DMs. The wedding was documented for season 10, during which Lateasha admitted she turned into “Bridezilla” as she juggled planning for the big day and navigating the Married To Medicine friendship group as Dr G’s fiancee.

Unlike the other Bravo ladies who work in the medical field, Latesha is a program coordinator at Perspecta, a cybersecurity firm but has worked as a pharmacy technician for the US Air Force for over one decade.

Dr G and Quad divorced in 2019

Dr Gregory made his Married To Medicine debut with ex-wife Quad in 2013 as newlyweds. Fans watched the couple’s rollercoaster relationship over the years and it was clear they were a dramatic couple from the start. In season 1, a spat landed them both in jail after Quad became angry and threw a bowl at him – so he called the police.

Nevertheless, the couple vowed to stay together – until 2018, that is. Quad filed for divorce due to his alleged infidelity. Dr G admitted accompanying a woman to a hotel room with a friend but denied being unfaithful during the season 6 reunion.

The woman later claimed she was physically involved with Dr G, which he further denied.

Is Quad dating anyone in 2023?

No, she’s currently single but is hoping to find a partner soon. During her appearance on the Sherri Shepherd show, Quad jokingly teased that she was dating frequent host Marco Glorious, who asked about her personal life.

“I got to make sure I look good because I may find a man on the Sherri Shepherd Show,” she laughed.

Quad was previously dating “a couple of people” in 2021.

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