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Man says 'karma of sleeping with 2500 women' to blame for girlfriend's rejection

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90 Day Fiancé’s Sarper Güven is a self-proclaimed “retired bad boy,” but he’d “rather die” than show his partner his direct messages on social media. Sarper and his girlfriend, Shekinah Garner, have had a tumultuous time in season 5. From calling Shekinah names in front of her sister to debates about future kids, the two haven’t had the easiest time on the show.

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Sarper from 90 Day Fiancé’s age

When fans are introduced to Sarper on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, he is 43 years old.

He works as a model and personal trainer and was previously a self-confessed ladies’ man.

His 90 Day Fiancé partner, Shekinah, is 41 years old.

She is an aesthetician who hails from the US and leaves behind her business, family, and friends to spend time with Sarper in his home country during the TLC show.

During an argument in season 5, Sarper says that he wants to have children in the future, but when there is reluctance from Shekinah on the topic he says it’s “karma from the 2500” women he slept with before her that she is rejecting his wish to have children.

One fan commented on the star’s behavior on X (Twitter): “Sarper is acting like a petulant teenager. I have to wonder, is this his first adult relationship? Hitting it and quitting it (even x2500) does not a relationship make. It’s like he has no idea how adults behave.”

Where is Sarper from?

Reality TV star Sarper hails from Istanbul, Turkey.

He and Shekinah met when she was on holiday in the European country.

They two found one another on a matchmaking website. Speaking of his girlfriend, Sarper said Shekinah’s photos were “different” and that their first date was “like a dream.”

However, he admitted he initially thought they would have a “one-night stand.”

Sarper Güven’s Instagram page

During a confessional on 90 Day Fiancé, Sarper says that he “had two women” the day after he went on a date with Shekinah.

He explains that his now-girlfriend was super keen to see him again: “I was exhausted and also sick, so I tried to cancel the meeting with her, but she insisted.”

However, he explained that after spending a week on holiday together, which was “like a honeymoon,” “everything changed” for him.

Sarper is on Instagram at @theretiredbadboy and writes in his bio that he’s a “walking red flag.”


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