Lori Harvey Responds to Fan’s Inquiry About Her Halloween Costumes This Year: “I Was Tired”

Lori Harvey costume stuck out among the other lavish celebrity Halloween costumes seen this year. Sadly, it was for all of the incorrect reasons. The 26-year-old suited up as Lara Croft and flaunted her physique on Instagram. While she looks stunning in her Tomb Raider-inspired outfit, fans have been calling her out. She’s known for going all out for Halloween, but she chose a more laid-back look this year. Some commenters are dismayed by what they perceive to be Harvey’s lack of effort. “D for effort, girl,” adds one scathing reviewer. “This is one of the most laxed Halloween pictures I’ve ever seen of you,” said another. Several additional commenters have compared Harvey’s Lara Croft fit outfits in the past, including her classic 2022 Beyonce suit.

Lori Harvey wore a long green and white gown, beautiful accessories, and a Beyonce-inspired wig for her Queen Bey look. Fortunately, Harvey seems not to be bothered by the criticism, hitting back with a simple comment. “Girl, I was exhausted this year,” she commented, accompanied by a series of laughing emojis. Several fans have come to Lori Harvey’s defence following the uproar over her Halloween costume, pointing out that her Lara Croft look was spot-on for the character that she was attempting to depict. Regardless of the issue, it’s no secret that Lori Harvey is well-equipped to serve looks, even if she isn’t always eager to go the extra mile for a costume.

Lori Harvey Replies Back To Critics Regarding Her Halloween Costume

Lori Harvey’s Halloween outfit was inspired by a well-known figure. The model, 26, stated in an Instagram picture on Tuesday that she suited up as Laura Croft from the video game title Tomb Raider. Harvey was shown wearing the costume against the backdrop of a white wall in the post. Harvey dressed like the video game character in a black bodysuit and wore her hair in a braided ponytail. While a lot of Harvey’s followers thought she looked beautiful in the costume, some questioned how much work she put into getting ready for the holiday. A follower posted on Facebook, “This is among the most laxed Halloween pictures I’ve seen of you…. Lol.”Another user said, “D for effort.” Harvey responded to the criticism after another online user compared the outfit to one of her previous Halloween costumes. “How did we get to Beyoncé last year?” wrote one. The influencer explained, “Girl, I’ve been tired this year.”

The fan then wrote back to Harvey, saying, “It does get tiring occasionally.” Harvey paid homage to Beyoncé last Halloween by recreating three of her looks, featuring Bey’s “Me, Myself, & I” music video. A stunning green and white cutout dress, a fur shawl, and gloves, with huge silver earrings completed the ensemble. In an Instagram post, Harvey additionally carried out a part from the video and shared a closer look at the attire. Harvey, 42, showed her love for Beyoncé earlier this month when she attended the Renaissance Tour in London. The fashionista attended the performance with her boyfriend, Damson Idris, & documented their date night on Instagram. Harvey announced their relationship officially on Instagram at the beginning of the year, after she shared a birthday shout-out from the actor, 32, with 3 white hearts underneath. They had their red carpet debut in February at the launch of the series Snowfall’s final season. The couple arrived at the event in matching outfits and shared a kiss in front of the cameras.