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Kim Kardashian 'looks 10 years younger' with simple hair trick that takes minutes

Kim Kardashian’s hair up in a bun is giving super cute vibes. When Kim got dressed to the nines for her SKIMS x Swarovski launch, it wasn’t just the outfit that stole the show. It was those bangs and bun…

During a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim was reminded that she was “old” with her hairstylist, Chris Appleton. Kim Kardashian had said she likes “old-school, graceful skiers,” following his reveal that his now-ex-husband Lukas Gage is a snowboarder. In Kim’s view, he lost a few points.

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Kim Kardashian’s hair up is a winner

Kim Kardashian’s hair up in a bun for her SKIMS x Swarovski launch was a total winner. Often, she is subjected to criticism for everything, from her hair to her outfit choices, but this time was different.

Mostly, Kim wears her hair in down, thanks to the talents of her hair ‘husband’ Chris. If her hair is up, it’s usually in the trendy slicked-back small bun up-do that he’s perfected for her photoshoots.

This time, her face-framing bangs made for a flattering soft look to contrast with the eye-catching crystals all over her body. In the words of Chris Appleton’s People interview: “Hair always starts with the outfit.”

She ‘looks 10 years younger’ with bangs

Although Kim’s Swarovski outfit was center-stage, her simple hair up with bangs stole the show. She may have just turned 43 years old but she looks about 33, according to fans.

One fan said: “When you wear your hair up, you look 10 years younger.. very nice.” Another Instagram follower strongly agreed and wrote: “I agree, she suits her hair like that.”

“She looks younger in those bangs than in her other photoshopped pictures lol. I might cut mine,” an influenced fan penned. A fellow fan commented: “I need bangs back in my life ????????????.”

Kim’s hairstylist reminds her she’s ‘old’

When Kim said she “likes old-school, graceful skiers,” her hairstylist Chris Appleton reminded her, “Kim, we’re old babe. I think it’s all about the snowboarding these days.”

Kim giggled in response but couldn’t remember when she met her hairstylist. He reminded her: “I remember the exact moment I met you, maybe six years ago.”

The two met in Bel Air when Kim used her “nice voice” with him. Chris confessed: “She doesn’t give me the nice voice anymore, it was slightly higher-pitched. Do you not remember meeting me?” She didn’t…


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