It's Cheaper Than Birth Control – Father Undergoes Vasectomy, Urges Other Men To Do Same



A man has taken to Twitter to urge his fellow men to try vasectomy.


The photographer named Bruce Thompson said the procedure is safe and and cheap for birth control.


Thompson took to X on Wednesday, Nov. 15, to write about it. 


He explained that it took less than 30 minutes and the procedure “wasn’t bad at all”. 


He then urged men who have had enough kids to undergo the procedure, which is reversible, to give their women a break from toxic birth control pills and IUDs. 


He added that the vasectomy is “cheaper, less expensive, and healthier than birth control for women”. 


He went on to share data showing how much women spend on birth control and the adverse effects it has on them. 


“Go do it,” he urged men. 


He added, “A vasectomy is cheaper than both child support and an abobo both put together.”