Is This ‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in Idaho Real or a Hoax? Online Debates Heat Up!

A viral video from Idaho showing Bigfoot has captured the attention of many on the internet, leading some to believe in the existence of this giant creature. This isn’t the first time that the creature has been debated on social media, but these frequently viral Bigfoot sightings surely pique everyone’s curiosity.

Read on to learn more about the viral Bigfoot footage from Idaho that has captured everyone’s curiosity on the internet.

Idaho video of Bigfoot goes viral

Besides UFOs and aliens, one of the most debated topics on the internet is undoubtedly the existence of the giant creature known as “Bigfoot.” While many people claim to have sighted these mysterious creatures, some even have videos available as evidence.

The real truth behind the existence of the creature remains unsolved. Recently, on social media, a video of sighting Bigfoot has gone viral in the forest of Idaho and everyone is talking about it. The video shows a giant hairy creature claiming to be Bigfoot walking at a slow pace. Many now believe in the existence of the giant.

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Is the Idaho footage of Bigfoot real?

Well, despite there being many videos claiming to have recorded Bigfoot in it. The existence of the creature is a topic of discussion always. Now the viral Idaho footage of the same giant has made everyone to react it.

However, the Idaho footage of the mysterious creature isn’t of something recent. The video was actually released back in 2021 by NV TV. Now once again the video has been grabbing the attention of all on social media. Making many believe the creature is real.

Netizens believe the Bigfoot creature in the video is real

Surely not everyone believes in the existence of the Bigfoots. But some believe in the mysterious creature’s existence though. In fact, many think the Idaho footage of the giant was real. Citing a reason behind the same, a user wrote “Arm length and gait. Bending legs 75 degrees compared to our 35-degree bend at knees”.

Another user however on the video wrote “Closest to a real Bigfoot I’ve ever seen. It’s phenomenal”. One even commented saying “We don’t have men looking like that here on earth. That’s pure muscle height and super strength”. Though there’s no evidence to prove, the viral video captured a real Bigfoot”.

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