Is Ofori Amponsah Married? Who is Ofori Amponsah Married to? Who is Ayisha Modi?

Is Ofori Amponsah Married? 

Yes, Ofori Amponsah is currently married to a woman named Serwaa. In a recent interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ with Zionfelix, the Ghanaian music artist openly discussed his romantic life. While acknowledging his past involvement in multiple relationships due to his charismatic personality, he expressed genuine affection for his wife and emphasized the strength of their marital bond. 

Despite his commitment to his current marriage, Ofori Amponsah boldly stated that he believes he could marry another woman if his wife misbehaves. This statement suggests a willingness to consider alternative options if needed, based on his views on relationships and marriage.

Who is Ofori Amponsah Married to? 

Ofori Amponsah is currently married to a woman named Serwaa. In a recent interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ with Zionfelix, the Ghanaian music artist openly discussed his romantic life, expressing affection for his wife and emphasizing the strength of their marital bond. 

Despite his past involvement in multiple relationships, Ofori Amponsah is happily committed to Serwaa at the moment. This information provides insights into his present marital status and his perspective on relationships.


Who is Ayisha Modi?

Ayisha Modi is a Ghanaian socialite, philanthropist, and music enthusiast. Known for her active presence on social media, she engages in discussions about the Ghanaian music industry, supporting various artists. 

Ayisha Modi is recognized for her philanthropic efforts, contributing to charitable causes and helping those in need. Her outspoken nature and involvement in celebrity-related controversies have gained her attention. 

While not a musician herself, Ayisha Modi is influential in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, particularly for her support and promotion of musicians. Her impact extends to both social causes and her presence in the public eye.

Who is Ofori Amponsah?

Ofori Amponsah, also known as Mr. All 4 Real, is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter renowned for his influence in life and Highlife music. Born in Agogo, Ashanti Region, Ghana, he has released fourteen solo albums, featuring hit songs like “Asew,” “Otoolege,” and “Alewa.” Amponsah gained prominence by winning seven awards at the 2006 VGMA awards, solidifying his status in Ghana’s music scene. 

He briefly explored gospel music but returned to secular sounds. Despite facing controversies, his musical journey reflects resilience, diverse collaborations, and a lasting impact on Ghanaian music. His most recent album, “Million Dollar,” released in 2020, continues to showcase his enduring presence in the industry.


Full Name

Samuel Ofori Amponsah


Mr. All 4 Real

Date of Birth

March 2, 1974


49 years

Marital Status

Currently married to Serwaa. Openly discussed relationship challenges and expressed willingness to consider marrying another woman if needed.

Selected Songs

– Otoolege – Alewa – Not Falling – Serious – Wonkoaa – Fab3gye – TinTin

Net Worth

Estimated at $71 million, primarily from his music career.

Ofori Amponsah Age

Ofori Amponsah, born Samuel Ofori Amponsah on March 2, 1974, in Agogo, Ashanti Region, Ghana, is a 49-year-old singer-songwriter. Specializing in Hiplife and Highlife genres, he has been actively contributing to the music scene since 1999. Affiliated with the label 4 Reez Westside Entertainment, Amponsah has crafted a notable career marked by diverse musical influences. 

His hometown is Agogo, situated in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Beyond his birthplace, he has become a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music landscape. With a career spanning over two decades, Ofori Amponsah’s age of 49 showcases his enduring presence and influence in the music industry.


Ofori Amponsah Career

Ofori Amponsah, a Ghanaian singer-songwriter, began his musical journey in 1999 and has since had a prolific career. Specializing in the Hiplife and Highlife genres, he gained recognition through collaborations, notably with Daddy Lumba on the album “Wo Ho Kyere.” His breakthrough came in 2000, and he released his debut album, “Asew,” in 2001

. Winning seven awards at the 2006 VGMA awards solidified his status as a highlife sensation. Throughout his career, he has showcased versatility with hits like “Otoolege” and “Alewa,” collaborating with artists like Sarkodie. 

Despite a brief stint in gospel music, he returned to secular sounds. His enduring career, marked by diverse collaborations and musical evolution, cements Ofori Amponsah’s influence in Ghana’s vibrant music scene.

Ofori Amponsah Family

Ofori Amponsah’s family details are not extensively available. About two months ago, he revealed a personal challenge where his best friend was involved in a situation that allegedly led to the breakdown of his marriage, causing him to experience depression. However, specific information about his immediate family is limited. Ofori Amponsah has not disclosed many details about his family members. 

Despite facing personal challenges, he has remained resilient in his music career, earning significant recognition and success. His commitment to both secular and gospel music reflects the diverse aspects of his life and career.

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