Indian-origin Student Stabbed in US Gym, Condition Critical

Good Day Readers, Today a news has come stating an individual of Indian origin was stabbed at a gym in the United States, with the accused claiming that he found the victim’s behavior somewhat unusual. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. On Sunday, an individual of Indian descent was stabbed in Indiana. The person accused of the crime informed the police that he perceived the victim as “slightly unusual” and perceived him as a “threat.” In Valparaiso, Indiana, a 24-year-old man of Indian heritage was subjected to a stabbing at a gym on Sunday morning, resulting in the victim being in critical condition, according to local media reports.

Indian-origin Student Stabbed in US Gym

Law enforcement has taken Jordan Andrade (24) into custody in connection with the assault. Jordan Andrade, a resident of Porter Township, disclosed that he had no prior interaction with the victim before the incident. Nevertheless, he informed the police that he had been informed by “someone” that the man was perceived as a threat, as reported by NWITimes. Andrade is being charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery using a lethal weapon.

Indian-origin Student Stabbed in US Gym

At approximately 9 am on Sunday morning, the police received a report of a man being stabbed at the gym. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered the victim seated in a massage chair with a head injury, and a significant amount of blood was evident on the chair. In addition, a folding knife, attributed to Andrade, was found in the room.

Andrade explained to the police that he had entered the massage room on Sunday morning and encountered an unfamiliar man, whom he regarded as “somewhat strange.” The accused expressed to the police that he perceived Varun as a “threat” and stated that he “instinctively reacted” by pulling a knife from his pocket and inflicting the injury. The accused is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.