How To Get Coldplay Australia and New Zealand Tour 2024 Ticket, Price, Dates, and Other Details

The rock band Coldplay has announced details about their upcoming Australian and New Zealand leg of the 2024 tour. You surely wouldn’t want to miss Coldplay performing in your city. We have the details about their newly announced dates for you.

Read ahead to learn more about the rock band Coldplay as they announce their Australian and New Zealand leg of the 2024 tour.

Coldplay set to perform in Australia and New Zealand in 2024

Coldplay announced their upcoming Australian and New Zealand leg of the 2024 tour on their official Instagram page. The dates have already been revealed. If you missed them, here they are.

The Australian and New Zealand leg of Coldplay’s tour is set to kick off on October 30, 2024, and will continue until November 13, 2024. While there are many more things to look forward to with Coldplay’s upcoming leg of the 2024 tour.

What’s going to be special about Coldplay’s Australian and New Zealand leg of 2024 tour?

After Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” album release in 2021, the band embarked on a tour of the same name, set to continue with the Australian and New Zealand leg. Additionally, there will be special guests joining.

In the latest announcement, it has been revealed that Emmanuel Kelly and PinkPantheress will join Coldplay for the 2024 tour’s Australia and New Zealand leg. We also have details about the tickets for the tour available here for you.

Ticket Information for Coldplay’s 2024 Tour in Australia and New Zealand

If you are eagerly anticipating Coldplay’s 2024 tour, make sure to secure your tickets promptly. You wouldn’t want to miss out if they sell out quickly. Hence, the presale of tickets will commence on November 29, 2023. To participate, you must register on the band’s official website.

Meanwhile, the general sale of tickets is set to start on December 1, 2023. The prices for the tickets, however, are yet to be announced. For more details visit the official website of the rock band and purchase your tickets on time.

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