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HGTV star clears up why hugely 'missed' cast member left hit TV show

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Unsellable Houses is back this year with a brand new season on HGTV. When homeowners are struggling to sell their property, there’s a team of professionals they can turn to who’ll get the job done. The HGTV stars put their own money into the projects as well as their creative genius to get the listings sold.

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Who is Owen on Unsellable Houses?

Owen Mather is Unsellable Houses’ new construction manager.

He joins the show in season 4, and works under the managing director of renovation, Justin Lamb.

Owen and his furry companion, Esau Mather, appear on this year’s instalment of the HGTV series.

He celebrates his birthday on September 10 and is described by his co-stars as “One of the most loyal, authentic, kind humans we have ever met.”

What happened to Jeff on HGTV Unsellable Houses?

Unsellable Houses fans were sad to see that Jeff Lawrence is no longer appearing on the show this year.

He was the HGTV series’ contractor before Owen took over and many viewers have taken to social media to comment on how much they “miss” Jeff.

The cast shake-up caused some rumors to circulate about Jeff’s exit. But, Leslie Davis took to Instagram to clear up any gossip over his disappearance.

Leslie explained via Instagram that Jeff “moved on to focus on his company and we wish him all the luck.”

Responding to a fan who wrote: “Poor Jeff” in the comments section, Leslie said: “…it was Jeff choice! He wanted to focus on growing his personal business in multiple states. We are thrilled for him.”

Judging by Jeff’s recent Instagram posts, he appears to be loving life as a contractor, developer, and investor. The HGTV star can be seen enjoying time with his family on vacations and taking on new projects on the ‘gram.

Meet the season 4 cast

With Jeff focusing on his own business, and Owen taking over his construction manager spot, the Unsellable Houses cast has experienced some changes this year.

Season 4 sees Owen working alongside Leslie and her twin sister, Lyndsay Lamb.

The ladies are Washington natives and this year’s show kicks off its first episode in Snohomish County.


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