From ‘Nagavalli’ to cracker-dodger: Shobana’s hilarious Diwali video breaks the internet

A hilarious video featuring actress and dancer Shobana celebrating Diwali has taken the internet by storm. The clip captures Shobana’s amusing attempts to light a cracker, with fans playfully questioning how Nagavalli, her character from the psychological thriller Manichitrathazhu, known for its eerie presence, could be so fearful of a firework.

The viral video unfolds with a confident Shobana placing the cracker in the middle of the road near her Chennai residence. The comedic build-up ensues as she fumbles not once but twice while attempting to light it, even resorting to using her sunglasses as a shield. Her eventual success is met with a surprising explosion, prompting her to scurry for cover. Fans, amused by the unexpected turn of events, flooded her social media with humorous responses.

In a witty tagline to the video, Shobana, who runs the dance school ‘Kalarpana Institute of Bharatanatyam,’ expressed nostalgia, saying, “I actually miss some of my older batch of students who used to do this for me…oh well.”
The video has sparked a cascade of funny comments, with fans marvelling at the contrast between the fearless Nagavalli and the cracker-dodging Shobana.