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Four days of power supply interruption in Soshanguve due to maintenance

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Residents in some parts of Soshanguve must brace themselves for four days of power supply interruption.

Metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo said the supply interruption is due to construction work at the Apollo-Dinaledi 400kV line, from December 4–7.

He said this interruption will be structured in a sequential order of 11 hours from 06:00 to 17:00, a day.

“According to Eskom, this necessary activity mainly involves the construction of the Apollo-Dinaledi 400kV line in Soshanguve.”

Mashigo said Eskom has assured the city of its intention to carry out the work within the specified period and then return the line to service as soon as possible.

“Once the upgrade is completed, it is hoped that it will be of benefit to the communities in that power supply will be enhanced,” said Mashigo.

The following parts of Soshanguve will be affected:

– Block-L, L and M ext.

– Block-DD, BB, LL, JJ, NN, FF, HH, GG, IA, PP, Winterveldt ext. 3 and Tswaing Orange Farm

– Block-K, K ext., M, H, H ext. and F West

– Block-CC, F East, AA and G

– Block-KK, SS1, S, R, T, V, X and W

– Block-T, T ext., V and V ext.

– Block- P, SS5, MM, P ext., Y, Y ext. and X

Mashigo added that due to system requirements and processes involved in carrying out this activity and in the interest of safety, all electrical appliances must always be treated as live (still on) during the outage.

“Tshwane apologises for the inconvenience that may arise as a result of this planned construction work,” he said.

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