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Few couples are still together from MAFS UK as one groom is 'brutally' dumped

72dpi 73829 33 S8 Ep33 EMBARGOED until 10pm Monday 13th Nov 2023 Married at First Sight UK S8 Ep33

Married At First Sight UK has been an emotional rollercoaster. Not only for the couples taking part in the show but people at home, too. From feeling that they need to leave the experiment early to reading out their final vows, there have been many moments during series 8 that have had the waterworks flowing.

Channel 4 viewers have watched along as strangers met at the altar and attempted to make their marriages work. Speeding through life stages at an intense level, Georges and Peggy, Arthur and Laura, Nathanial and Ella and the rest of the participants have fans wanting to know how all the couples ended up. Some of them appear to still be together including Luke and Jay who left Married At First Sight UK early.

Which couples are still together from MAFS UK?

Although Luke and Jay had to leave Married At First Sight UK early, the couple appears to still be “a team”, judging by Luke’s recent Instagram post.

However, they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship post-show.

During MAFS UK episode 33, six couples remained. They had to make their final decision by reading vows to their partner.

Confirming their romance for one another in the last phase of the experiment were Erica and Jordan.

Taking to Instagram, Erica wrote of their romance: “Let’s see what chapter 2 has in store.”

Thomas and Rozz show ‘maturity’

Thomas and Rozz had one of the most emotional scenes of MAFS UK this year.

Despite the two attempting to get over all kinds of hurdles to make their relationship work, they didn’t end the show together.

Rozz said that she wasn’t feeling it anymore for Thomas after their homestays.

Although they’re not in a romantic relationship, Rozz and Thomas are showing “kindness and maturity” according to one of their Instagram followers.

The two have taken to the ‘gram to talk about where they’re at now as friends since the experiment.

MAFS couples no longer together

Some MAFS UK participants left the show early on including Nathanial and Shona and Brad.

Ella carried on in the experiment with JJ. And fans are set to find out where the two stand during episode 34.

Laura and Arthur went their separate ways after episode 33. Reading her vows, Laura explained that she’d had time to “reflect” and that she didn’t want to continue in the marriage.

She “brutally” dumped him, according to fans. Laura told Arthur: “You’ve helped me realise what I don’t want,” and handed him her wedding ring back.

Laura also said that she’s “always been a fixer” but that their relationship “couldn’t be fixed.”

Arthur was left almost speechless after Laura’s vows. He said it made him “feel like cr**,” and that he “didn’t see it coming.”

Fans of Peggy and Georges were left on a cliffhanger during Monday night’s MAFS episode and will see whether they move forward in their marriage in episode 34.

Paul and Tasha and Adrienne and Matt are also set to read their vows during Tuesday night’s episode.


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