Fact Check: The Jellyfish in ‘Royal Angel Protects Israel’ Video – Real or Fake?

The video titled “Royal Angel Protects Israel” has gone viral on the internet, showing an angel in the sky over Israel. However, the presence of a jellyfish in the same video has led to the debunking of the claims. No doubt, mysterious phenomenons recorded are good enough to go viral. But here’s what you need to know about the “Royal Angel Protects Israel” video.

Read ahead to know more about jellyfish in the viral “Royal Angel Protects Israel” video debunks itself.

The viral video of “Royal Angel Protects Israel

It’s not uncommon to come across viral videos of UFO sightings in the skies of various places. The truth behind it remains unknown. Another viral video claims to have recorded a royal angel appearing in the sky over Israel, watching over its people.

@hackerpardo Angel real protege a israel????????????#hamas #parati #fyp #viral #israel #angeles ♬ sonido original – Miguel Ángel Pardo

The viral video claiming the same shows a fairy-like figure appearing in the sky. Additionally, a jellyfish also captured everyone’s attention in the video. This viral video, which is only a few seconds long, has been viewed more than 6 million times so far. Everyone is willing to know if the video about the angel is real or fake.

Is the viral video of “Royal Angel Protects Israel” real?

Israel-Hamas war has indeed made the lives of the innocents miserable affected by the war. However, as the viral video claims to have spotted a royal angel in the sky of Israel watching over people there is no evidence to prove it is real. The video itself explains nothing much about the angel seen in it too.

@hackerpardo Ángel real protege a israel????????????#parati #fyp #viral #hamas #israel #angeles ♬ sonido original – Miguel Ángel Pardo

Meanwhile, the jellyfish seen in the same video with the royal angel has sparked further curiosity among the netizens about the authenticity of the video. As users on social media have been commenting about the same expressing what they think about the video.

Netizens react to “Royal Angel Protects Israel” video

While there are no details about where in Israel the video was captured and if it’s indeed from the same place or not. The jellyfish visible in the video has itself debunked the viral video. Many of the users have claimed the video to be fake.

One of the users on social media about it wrote “It could be a CGI”. While another one wrote, “What is the white jellyfish thing supposed to be?”. A user even commented on the viral video saying “Am i the only one who thinks the video could have passed off as real if not for the jellyfish?”.

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