Emotional narration by Jayaram marks Kalidas and Tarini’s engagement video

The official engagement video of actor Kalidas Jayaram and model Tarini Kalingarayar, recently released, reveals emotional moments from the function. The visuals feature prominent celebrities in attendance, including Satyaraj, Aparna Balamurali, Vijay Yesudas, and Dhanush.
The video boasts a beautiful narration by Kalidas’s father and actor Jayaram, resonating with viewers. “In the 58 years of my life, I cherish many memories. Among them, I recall specific dates daily,” shared the film star.

“One such date is December 23, 1988, when Aswathy (Jayaram’s wife and actress Parvathy) expressed her love. Another significant date is September 7, 1992, our wedding day at Guruvayur.

“Yet another date is December 16, 1993. In a hospital in Kochi, I pleaded with the doctor to let me stay beside Aswathy. The doctor initially refused, but Aswathy held my hand firmly. When our baby was born, I took the child from the doctor before handing it over to the nurse. That baby is my Kannan (Kalidas),” recounts Jayaram.

“Now, 29 years have passed. Today is one of the happiest days in both my life and Kannan’s. If I continue speaking, I’ll get more emotional. Thank you, Hari and Aarthi (Tarini’s parents). From this day on, I have two daughters, not one,” he adds.
At this point, Kalidas became emotional, shedding tears. Jayaram hugged him and gave a gentle kiss on his forehead.

The engagement took place in Chennai earlier this month. Tarini (24), an active figure in the modelling industry from Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, was the third runner-up in the Miss Universe India 2021 contest and holds a degree in visual communication.
Kalidas’s upcoming release is ‘Rajini,’ a film scripted and directed by Vinil Scariah Varghese, with Namitha Pramod as the female lead in this Tamil-Malayalam production.