Does Lethal Company Have Cheats? Lethal Company Gameplay, Trailer and More

Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a co-op indie horror video game currently in its early access stage. Developed by a solo creator known as Zeekerss, the game was released on October 24, 2023, exclusively for PC. Set in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic dystopia, players take on the role of contracted workers for the enigmatic “Company.” The gameplay revolves around exploring abandoned, industrialized moons to collect scrap and meet the profit quota set by the Company.

It offers a unique blend of exploration, survival horror, and strategy, emphasizing a realistic atmosphere where players face intense situations, including dismemberment and decapitation. Lethal Company provides a challenging yet rewarding experience, with the promise of continuous updates and additions during its early access phase.

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Does Lethal Company Have Cheats?

In Lethal Company, there are no cheats built into the game. This co-op survival experience focuses on players venturing to different moons, collecting scraps, and overcoming horror-themed challenges. The absence of cheat support ensures a fair gaming environment, preventing players from using shortcuts that might compromise the experience for others.

Currently, there are no plans to introduce cheat commands in the future. While third-party applications and mods exist, utilizing them poses a risk of permanent bans, as the developers maintain a strict policy against cheating. Players are encouraged to engage with the game in a legitimate way, facing its challenges without relying on external aids.


Does Lethal Company Include Any Instruction-Based Commands?

Lethal Company does not have any built-in instruction-based commands. Unlike some PC games where players can use commands to modify their experience, Lethal Company currently lacks this feature. Players, therefore, do not have the option to input specific instructions or commands directly into the game to alter gameplay elements or access special features.

While this absence may limit certain customization options, players can still explore alternative methods, such as using mods, to enhance their gaming experience. However, as of now, the game developer has not announced plans to introduce instruction-based commands in the future.

Lethal Company Gameplay

Lethal Company offers a unique gameplay experience blending exploration, survival horror, and strategy. Set in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic world, players become contracted workers for the mysterious “Company.” The main objective is to collect scrap from abandoned, industrialized moons to meet the Company’s profit quota. The game features a balance between risk and reward, with a realistic atmosphere where players can face intense situations, including dismemberment or decapitation.

The continuous gameplay loop involves navigating the challenging corporate landscape, making strategic decisions, and adapting to the evolving threats presented by the game. With the promise of continuous updates during its early access phase, Lethal Company aims to provide an engaging and evolving experience for players.

Lethal Company Overview


Lethal Company








Microsoft Windows


Early access: October 23, 2023


Survival horror, strategy, roguelike


Single-player, multiplayer

Lethal Company Trailer

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