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Discovery star shares heartbreaking reason dog wears a muzzle filming Gold Rush

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Tyson Lee has been appearing on Gold Rush since 2015 and the miner is back for season 14 alongside Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, Tony Beets and co. It may have been thought that Parker was the main star of the show but all eyes are on Tyson’s adorable dog, Jarvis. The Discovery star’s beloved pet is often seen wearing a muzzle this season.

Mining for gold is Alaska is quite clearly no walk in the park. But, with Jarvis by his side, it looks like Tyson is making the best of “a long and crazy season.” The gold miner and self proclaimed “dog dad” is “acing it” during this year’s show, say fans.

Why does the dog on Gold Rush wear a muzzle?

Tyson’s dog, Jarvis, is well-recognized by fans now that the two have been appearing on Gold Rush for eight seasons.

The miner came back with an answer for some curious fans who asked why Jarvis is wearing a muzzle on the Discovery Channel show.

Taking to Facebook three years ago, Tyson explained in the comments of his post that Jarvis is a rescue dog from California.

He continued: “He was sadly abused down there. I keep the muzzle on him for his and for others safety till I can show him that all people are not bad. He does get a lot of off muzzle time behind the scenes!”

Gold Rush dog gets ‘muzzle-free’ time

In Tyson’s Facebook post, he explains that Jarvis gets to go muzzle-free when he’s not on camera.

The adorable Husky can be seen enjoying time when the show isn’t filming via his owner’s Instagram page.

Photos of Jarvis in the snow, chewing things while laying in the grass, sitting on the sofa and cuddling with his dad can be seen on the ‘gram.

He certainly appears to be having a great time following his adoption by Tyson.

Many Gold Rush viewers are clearly big fans of Tyson and his pup. One took to Facebook to comment on the star’s post: “…nice that Jarvis has come up with you again this year.”


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