Delta Police PRO Raises Alarm Over Increasing Rate Of Su*cide As Man And Teenage Girl Hang Selves


DSP Bright Edafe

DSP Bright Edafe, the spokesperson of the Delta State Police Command, has taken to social media to raise alarm over the increasing rate of su*cide, especially among couples.

He urged everyone to take care of their mental health because a person who takes his/her life has missed out on what life has to offer.

The PRO stated this on Wednesday, November 15, after a man and a 16-year-old girl committed su*cide over domestic issues.

“Su*cide has been increasing recently, especially among couples. A man was beating his wife, and while at it, neighbors came to her rescue, only for the man to enter his house and hang himself,” he wrote.

“In another incident, a sixteen-year-old lady who slept outside her father’s house was scared of being beaten by her father. Upon doing all she could to appease the father and mother to no avail, she also hanged herself.

 “Let’s look out for our mental health, the person who dies is the one who loses. Anywhere that you do not find peace is not for you. Let’s look out for each other. PEACE.”