Crisis Brews in PDP as NWC Counters Atiku’s Supporters, Insists Party Is in Safe Hands

The internal strife within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has intensified as supporters aligned with the National Working Committee (NWC) staged rallies in support of the party’s National Chairman, Ambassador Illya Damagum.

They hailed him as a “silent achiever.”

Recall that a contingent of Atiku Abubakar’s loyalists held a rally last week demanding the removal of the Damagum-led NWC. The protesters accused the NWC of actions that had damaged and undermined the PDP.

In a recent counter-demonstration, a Pro-NWC group headed by Dabo-Itibo Marmmet contended that the earlier protest was an orchestrated attempt to establish a one-man state in Nigeria.

The group, identified as Concerned PDP League, asserted, “If the PDP remains disunited, the country will succumb to a one-party state. Those advocating for Damagum’s dismissal and the NWC’s dissolution are foes of democracy who seek to dismantle the party’s unity. The Damagum-led NWC has strived to stabilise the PDP as a prominent opposition party.”

“We are working to ensure that Damagum and the NWC remain in office and stabilise the party,” he declared, outlining how the NWC under the acting national chairman has effectively fostered reconciliation among the party’s warring factions.