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Cory Patrick Riley: Amanda Riley Husband Was Unaware Of Her Scamming Tactic

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Amanda C. Riley is currently serving a five-year term at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas, for impersonating cancer and defrauding others. The prison is for people with varying levels of security and unique health needs. She must repay $105,513 for her dishonest actions.

Amanda Christine Riley was a popular blogger and influencer with a large specialized following. On October 12, 2012, she created her blog, ‘Lymphoma Can Suck It.’

She used to lie about her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a kind of cancer, on her blog. She used social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread her tale.

Amanda even included a link in her blog post to support cancer research, which she never used. Her unwitting audience and others contributed her money, and the capital quickly grew to almost $60,000.

Amanda had a good scam scheme; she even displayed a phony doctor’s note indicating that she had received the treatment. Her money-making scheme, however, did not continue long when Arlette Lee, an IRS special agent, filed a criminal complaint against her on July 27, 2020, charging her with one count of wire fraud.

On May 3, 2022, she was condemned to five years in prison and ordered to make a $105 refund. After a year in prison, her narrative is told again on the ‘Lionsgate Podcast’ under the title “Scamanda”: Amanda and Scammer.

Amanda Riley’s Husband Cory Patrick Riley and her two children

Amanda Riley, the former principal of Pac Point Christian Academy, spent most of her time in California. She lived in several California cities, including Los Gatos, San Lorenzo, Riverside, and Gilroy. Meanwhile, she met her husband, Cory Patrick Riley, who was nine years her senior. The couple has two sons whom they adore and wish to provide them with all they desire.

Perhaps this is why Amanda selected the quick-money option of scamming. However, because of this, her crime will never be prosecuted.

Amanda’s husband and two sons relocated from California to Austin, Texas, USA, after she was sentenced to prison. Furthermore, no information about her husband or sons has been released.

Cory Patrick Riley

Cory Patrick Riley: Amanda Riley’s Husband Was Unaware Of Her Scamming Tactic

Cory Patrick Riley, Amanda C. Riley’s husband, was reportedly unaware of his wife’s intricate scamming practices. During court proceedings, he stated he had no knowledge of her fraudulent actions and denied any involvement in her scams. The public, on the other hand, voiced suspicion regarding his lack of awareness, believing that they may have discussed the scheme in order to protect their children’s future, allowing one of them to avoid legal trouble.

Amanda Riley’s Personal Relationships

Amanda Riley was born in 1985 into a prosperous household. Her family, on the other hand, remained in her upbringing. Amanda’s mental state was unstable as a result of her parents’ constant conflicts and severe methods of child discipline. So she did go through horrible incidents in her childhood.

We were unable to confirm whether she was close to her family and siblings. Furthermore, we cannot deny that she persuaded her parents and brother that she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

When her brother appeared in court as a witness, he stated that they were fully unaware of the fraud and were truly assisting her in her struggle against cancer.